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Uschi Digart

Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older

big_busted_babes_vol_1_2_aba_tn Big Bust Babes Vol. 1 & 2 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
16 of the 70's hottest models drop their panties and pull down their bras to let you look their swollen natural mounds. Excellent solo and girl/girl loops with nothing less than a 40DD cup! Look for Angel Cash squirting warm milky lactation delights and much more! Includes Bonus still gallery packed with rare photos of the girls of Big Bust Babes! Starring: Candy Samples, Roxanne Brewer, Roberta Pedon, Darlene "Yum Yum" English, Doreen Cormier, Rhonda Jo Petty, Marla Monroe, Sza Sza, Keli Stewart, Anna Ventura, Uschi Digard, Pepper Bond , Angel Cash, Carol Miller, Mindy Marlow. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
big_tit_legends_box_03_4p_gourmet_tn Big Tit Legends Box 03 (DVD) 4-Disc Set
This Big Tit Legends combo includes: Uschi, Helga Sven, Lisa DeLeeuw, Little Oral Annie. Starring: Uschi, Helga Sven, Lisa DeLeeuw, Little Oral Annie. A Gourmet Video Release.
big_tits_in_bondage_aba_tn Big Tits In Bondage (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
This collection is filled with the rarest and hottest 70's loops featuring helpless big titted girls bound, gagged, fucked and tortured! Starring: Little Oral Annie, Rosemary Lorenz, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
busty_and_wet_by_herself_02_alpha_blue_tn Busty And Wet By Herself 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Classic solo films showing you every square inch of jaw dropping bra busting models' soft skin and massive curves! The camera shows it all as they pose and spread their moist holes open for you to see. The By Herself series has been an essential in the collections of tit men for over 40 years! Models include Uschi Digard, Angel Cash, Keli Stewart, Mary Waters, Mona, Jaki and more for 13 total. Starring: Angel Cash, Jaki, Keli Stewart, Mary Waters, Moni, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
busty_and_wet_by_herself_03_alpha_blue_tn Busty And Wet By Herself 03 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
All solo titty tugging, pussy pawing, vibrator loving babes with monster tits! Peek in at how these gorgeous superstars get themselves off when they are lonely and wet. Pink labia spread open to show you the nice hard clit inside! Rare 70's and early 80's loops showcasing the best in solo big tit action! Starring: Anna Ventura, Keli Stewart, Lisa Deleeuw, Little Oral Annie, Mary Waters, Pepper Bond, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
candy_and_uschi_triple_alpha_blue_tn Candy And Uschi Triple Feature (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. 40 PLUS. 1986. 78m. 100% bra busting action featuring a solo Candy scene with Candy and Uschi taking a lesbian bubble bath! FEMALE CHAUVINISTS. 1974. 76m. A militant group of (usually naked) feminists are infiltrated by an undercover bra buster. The only starring role for astoundingly busty Roxanne Brewer (Big Bust Babes). With XXX inserts. German language. JOHN HOLMES AND THE ALL STAR SEX QUEENS. 1981. 87m. An all star cast, joined by the extremely sexy and mysterious "Valerie," delivers just what the title promises! Starring: Candy Samples, Deborah, John Holmes, Johnny Keyes, Julia Parton, Keisha, Keli Stewart, Kitten Natividad, Roxanne Brewer, Serena, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
candy_and_uschi_sbig_breast_orgy_aba_tn Candy and Uschi's Big Breast Orgy (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The reigning tit queens of the 70s, Candy and Uschi in their best loops made together! Includes Breast Orgy #1 & 2, The Big Three, Triple Climax Orgy, Disco Sex Party (Featuring John Holmes) and much MORE! Includes bonus loops, digitally mastered footage, extended cuts, deleted footage, still galleries and more! Starring: John Holmes, Candy, Uschi. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
candy_and_uschis_lesbian_special_alpha_blue_tn Candy And Uschi's Lesbian Special (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Super tit package of all lesbian footage featuring the queens of the 1970's Candy and Uschi! They lift up each other's heavy mounds and lick the massive nipples in Lesbian Encounter, The Big Three, and The Mistress and the Maid. Stewardess Uschi digs into blonde Sandy Carey in an airplane bathroom and gets oiled up by a busty redhead for some all female skin on skin. Candy compares nipples with a small titted blonde and takes a bath in pussy juice with Sandy Dempsey. Starring: Candy Samples, Sandy Carey, Sandy Dempsey, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Candy's Catfights (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
See horny, bitchy, bra-busters fight it out on the mat and in the bedroom, tearing clothes and pulling hair while their tits flop and flail! Classic vintage loops showcase big name stars and gorgeous unkowns, with Candy in four legendary matches, including Battle of the Bosoms, with Candy vs. Uschi! Starring: Lisa Deleeuw, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Little Oral Annie, Rene Bond An Alpha Blue Archives Release
I_want_you_tn.jpg I Want You (DVD)
Eurohoney Ushi Digart is a bored house wife whose world is most gray when it comes to the bedroom. So her life becomes one long sexual fantasy... Starring John Holmes, Ushi Digart, John Davis, Jan Davis, and Eros Ryan.
john_holmes_orgy_machine_cab_tn.jpg John Holmes - The Orgy Machine (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Mad scientist, Verner Von Sperm creates the ultimate weapon: The Orgy Machine! With it he can focus on anyone in the world and drive them mad with lust, filling them with such desire for constant sex that they lose control. With thousands of victims in his control like this, he could make a fortune having countries pay him to let their important officials return to a normal life by turning off his orgy machine and releasing them from its clutches. Starring:   John Holmes, Linda Porter, Melinda Curry, Brad Fornier, Claire McCall, Uschi Digard, Tracii Foxx. A Caballero Classics Release.
keli_stewart_triple_feature_alpha_blue_tn Keli Stewart Triple Feature (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. KELI'S SLAVE TRAINING. 1984. 60m. Keli Stewart. Bizarre rope action! Keli's massive tits are tied and she loves to feel them swell up tight. BOUNCIN' IN THE USA. 1986. 86m. Keli Stewart, Candy Samples, Trinity Loren, Jacqueline Lorians, Mindy Rae. All star tit fest featuring the queens of the 80's in solo and lesbian action! 40 PLUS. 1986. 78m. Keli Stewart, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Keisha, Julia Parton. Keli strips down and hops in the hot, giving a voyeuristic gardener a chubby so hard it nearly splits his pants! Starring: Candy Samples, Jaqueline Lorians, Julia Parton, Keli Stewart, Mindy Rae, Trinity Loren, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
kitten_natividad_collection_alpha_blue_tn Kitten Natividad Collection (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Kitten Natividad is a household name, well, if you live in a household of tit lovers. The former Russ Meyer starlet (and girlfriend) has been showing off her bodacious tatas on screen since 1972, but it wasn't until the 80's that Kitten's jugs had ballooned to watermelon proportions and she finally indulged in hardcore action. For the first time on DVD you can see Kitten from her 70's films with John Holmes and Uschi Digard to her 80's XXX performances with Lee Carol, Jamie Gillis, and more! Includes bonus gallery! Starring: Kitten Natividad. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
lesbians_bra_busters_of_the_70s_aba_tn Lesbian Bra Busters in the 70's (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
An all-star collection of classic top-heavy vixens licking pussy and ass to satisfy their horny girlfriends! Starring: Uschi, Candy Samples, Lisa DeLeeuw, Little Oral Annie, Angel Cash An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
lesbian_virgins_alpha_blue_tn Lesbian Virgins (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Only the hottest big titted mamas f*cking the cutest little things from the sinful 1970's! Vanessa Del Rio teaches a blond t**n to love a woman in I Love P*ss. Young Tawny is in the tub when a busty plumber stops by to check her pipes. A double-D brunette helps a young blonde with her Homework. Sex siren Uschi helps a shy young thing have her first orgasm, and more! Starring: Bambi, C.j. Laing, Lisa Deleeuw, Tawny Pearl, Uschi Digard, Vanessa Del Rio. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
pastries_vcx_tn.jpg Pastries (DVD)
Pastries is a comedy-farce, coupled with explicit sexual experiences designed for erotic excitement and pleasure. It is one of the biggest orgasmistic films ever made. At the last count there were over 50 of them. Pastries is a motion picture with a cast of very beautiful people, all free of sexual inhibitions. They let it hang “up,’ as well as “out.” Starring: Sandy Dempsey, Ron Darby, Judy Angel, Maria Arnold, Uschi Digart. A VCX Release.
prison-girls-gourmet-tn Prison Girls (DVD) Gourmet
The Female warden needs to satisfy and punish her inmates. They are sent to take care of the wardens customers with hot nude body painting, 3 and 4 ways and these sex slaves get gangbanged and have to participate in orgies too. Starring: Angie Monet, Claire Bow, Dorothy Bick, Joni Johnston, Linde Melissa, Lisa Ashbury, Liz Wolfo, Robin Whitting, Susan Sterling, Tracy Handfuss, Uschi Digard. A Gourmet Video Release.
sweet_sweet_busty_02_alpha_blue_tn Sweet, Sweet Busty 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
A supervixen wearing a groovy belt buckle lays her boyfriend in Private Party. Next Uschi, Candy and Keli pick up a sailor (John Holmes) in Big Tit Hookers. Now for the ultimatets and sweater to reveal skimpy little panties and a deep dark tan! Milkmaid consists of Angel Cash relieving her huge swollen breasts of milk. A slender Asian beauty 69's her stacked girlfriend. Finally, a petite cheerleader type with a rose tattoo is fucked from behind, her big jello tits flopping around. Starring: Angel Cash, Candy Samples, John Holmes, Keli Stewart, Uschi Digard. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
uschi-gourmet-tn.jpg Uschi (DVD)
Porn star Uschi Digart started her acting career as one of the favorite huge-breasted heroines of director Russ Meyer. She starred in a host of his late 60's and 70's sex-and-violence melodramas, where her make-out scenes provided a highlight for big boob fans everywhere. Uschi Digart's most obvious asset was her incredibly large and oh-so-natural breasts. In this Classic Collection, you get a full two hours of loops that showcase the gorgeous Uschi and her perfect tits! Starring: Uschi. A Gourmet Video Release
uschi_digard_triple_feature_01_alpha_blue_tn Uschi Digard Triple Feature 01 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. The Swedish champion of the sexploitation age is back in some of her rarest material! Hot, stacked, and always ready, watch Uschi's perfect tits and ass wiggle their way through three action packed features!

GETTING INTO HEAVEN. 1970. 87 minutes. Uschi plays Heaven, an up and coming actress who's huge tits swing onscreen for endless big breast worship! AFFAIR IN THE AIR. 1970. 59 minutes. Uschi plays a stewardess on an airplane with quite relaxed rules on nudity and screwing aboard! MADAM. 1972. 52 minutes. Uschi plays a hooker working at a whorehouse filled with pert young girls!

Starring: Jennie Lynn, Sandy Dempsey, Uschi Digard.

An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

uschi_digard_triple_feature_02_alpha_blue_tn Uschi Digard Triple Feature 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. The Swedish champion of the sexploitation age is back in some of her rarest material! Hot, stacked, and always ready, watch Uschi Digard's perfect tits and ass wiggle their way through three action packed features!

MAGIC MIRROR. 1970. 58 minutes. Uschi's magic mirror shows us her innermost desires, like being covered in shaving cream and having her massive tits pawed while she gets f*cked! SKIN FLICK MADNESS. 1971. 50 minutes. Sandy Dempsey f*cks her boyfriend in a theatre while watching porn loops, including Uschi 69ing a busty young blonde! DEAD EYE DICK. 1972. 60 minutes. Uschi, this time a bouffant brunette, plays with tits and c*cks in multiple scenes, as does gorgeous busty blonde Malta!

Starring: Malta, Sandy Dempsey, Uschi Digard.

An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

uschi_digard_triple_feature_03_alpha_blue_tn Uschi Digard Triple Feature 03 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features.

THE LAST STEP DOWN. 1970. 55 minutes. Uschi is the plaything of an underground Satanic sex cult in this dark and mysterious film. LOVE AND THE GREAT GRUNT. 1972. 54 minutes. Bafflingly odd XXX film is an overdose of weirdness. Nazis, fencing matches, Uschi, and very raw hardcore action with some very cute 70's babes! SEX PURSUITS. 1972. 48 minutes. More somewhat psychedelic anything goes hardcore featuring Uschi in an extended (soft) scene!

Starring: Malta, Rene Bond, Sandy Carey, Sonny Boyd, Uschi Digard.

An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

uschi_digard_triple_feature_04_alpha_blue_tn Uschi Digard Triple Feature 04 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features.

PANORAMA BLUE. 1974. 82m. Rene Bond, Sandy Dempsey, Uschi Digard, John Holmes, Cyndee Summers. The Worlds Mightiest Adult Film is a bombastic epic (the film runs a full 15 minutes before the credits kick in!) which is as ambitious as it is erotic. Fucking in a demolition derby car! Fucking to an entire symphony orchestra! A tour through a Hollywood adult bookstore! Nostalgia that screams from the screen! HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. 1972. 82m. Uschi Digard, Suzanne Fields, Maria Aronoff. Combines the pages of the Kenneth Anger book, early film footage and reenactments of infamous Hollywood scandals (most involving sex!). BEAUTIES AND THE BEAST. 1974. 66m. Uschi Digard, Sandy Carey, Colleen Brennan. Classically campy sexploitation flick about a horny yeti terrorizing sexy young campers.

Starring: Colleen Brennan, Cyndee Summers, John Holmes, Rene Bond, Sandy Carey, Sandy Dempsey, Suzanne Fields, Uschi Digard.

An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

uschi_digard_triple_feature_05_alpha_blue_tn Uschi Digard Triple Feature 05 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features.

INCREDIBLE SEX RAY MACHINE. 1972. 64m. The Sex-Ray machine peers through walls and turns young women into fuck hungry sluts. Kooky cult XXX featuring a very sexy early 70's cast. Also includes theatrical trailer. I WANT YOU. 1972. 63m. Any film opening with a shot of Uschi running topless in slow-mo is a classic! A lecherous shrink listens to a woman's tales of lust before plugging her crack. The scene of John Holmes as a dildo salesman ranks as one of the funniest porn scenes of all time. GIRL ON GIRL. 1981. 56m. Classic Richard Rank lesbian loop collection including lactating lesbians, black on white female flesh, pigtailed t**n in first lesbian encounter and of course Uschi's enthusiastic carpet munching.

Starring: Angel Cash, John Holmes, Uschi Digard.

An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

uschis_hot_stud_pick_up_aba_tn Uschi's Hot Stud Pick-up (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The Swedish champion of the sexploitation age is back in her first DVD! Hot, stacked, and always ready, watch Uschi's perfect tits and ass wiggle their way through 12 action packed loops! Includes Hot Stud Pick-Up, Big Tit Hookers (with Keli Stewart, John Holmes, and Russ Meyer starlet Kitten Natividad!), Deep Heat (Uschi taking on a frog prince) and many more of her sexiest shorts! *Digitally mastered footage direct from original masters! *Huge, super hot still gallery filled with rare magazine spreads!*Never before seen outtakes and alternate footage for her "Hot Stud Pick-Up" loop *PASTRIES Trailer *CD quality soundtrack! Starring: Keli Stewart, John Holmes, Russ Meyer, Kitten Natividad, Uschi. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.

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