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Sheri St. Clair

Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older

vanessas-party-girls-gourmet-tn Vanessa's Party Girls (DVD)
Vanessa and her hot nasty girlfriends never want the party to end. They love orgies, they please with double penetration, they love to suck cock nonstop. This is one party you don't want to miss. Starring: Erica Boyer, Keli Richards, Kelly Nichols, Olinka, Sheri St. Claire, Vanessa Del Rio. A Gourmet Video Release.
adultress_caballero_tn.jpg Adultress, The (DVD)
Alicia is a very bored very rich housewife who loves seedy motels and insatiable studs who make hot, sweaty, love to her for hours on end. One day she and her lover Bart dream up a deliciously nasty scheme to force a divorce from her straight laced husband. They decide to enlist the services of a depraved slut to put her hubby in a compromising position. Now the sex fun begins as they interview (and sample) a nonstop stream of harlots for the job. Starring: Krista Lane, Blondie, Keisha, Herschel Savage, Buck Adams, Sheri St. Claire, Jamie Summers. A Caballero Classics Release.
amber_lynn_screws_the_stars_tn.jpg Amber Lynn Screws the Stars (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before! Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! For those nostalgic for a slice of smut from the much-lauded Golden Age of Porn, this is a wonderful title for your erotic perusal! Starring: Amber Lynn, Sheri St Claire, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Randy West. A Caballero Classics Release.
best-of-john-holmes-3-tn.jpg Best of John Holmes 03, The (DVD)
In this third installment of the "Best of John Holmes" series- the King delights in the arrival of both Ginger and Amber Lynn- as well as Summer Rose, Sheri St. Clair and many more. The tribute to the King knows no bounds- and this triple treat confirms his legacy. Stars: Amber Lynn, Serena, John Holmes, Ginger Lynn, Summer Rose, Mai Lin, Sheri St. Clair, Mico Moto. A VCX Release
-candy_stripers_2_dvd_tn.jpg Candy Stripers 2 (DVD)
Those adorable and ever-horny angels of mercy are back to make your temperature rise in a laugh-and-lust packed sequel to one of the biggest selling classics of all time. Candy Stripers Angie and Sarah are only interested in patients and partying, but they'll have their hands full (in more ways than one) with the trouble that's brewing at Northwest General. Dr. Fine's feel good aphrodisiac gas has gotten loose, causing doctors, patients and nurses to throw their inhibitions to the wind!
christy_canyon_triple_07_alpha_blue_tn Christy Canyon Triple Feature 07 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. STARLETS (AKA HOLLYWOOD STARLETS). Christy Canyon, Heather Wayne, Gail Force, Karen Summer, Laurie Smith, Peter North, Tom Byron. Bruce Seven directs an all star cast in this mid eighties tale of girls who will do anything to make it big in Hollywood! THE ENCHANTRESS. Christy Canyon, Eria Boyer, Gina Carrera, Heather Wayne. Bruce Seven directs yet another mid 80s all star romp, this time centering around kinky happenings influenced by an enchanted necklace. SINFUL PLEASURES. Christy Canyon, Susan Hart, Crystal Breeze, Ginger Lynn, Rene Summers, Nikki Charm, Sheri St. Claire, Heather Wayne, Billy Dee. A collection of sinful scenes of some of the 80s hottest starlets including 18 year old Christy looking hotter than ever! Starring: Billy Dee, Christy Canyon, Crystal Breeze, Erica Boyer, Gail Force, Gina Carrera, Ginger Lynn, Heather Wayne, Karen Summer, Laurie Smith, Peter North, Rene Summers, Sheri St. Claire, Susan Hart, Tom Byron. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
desperate_wmn_dvd_tn.jpg Desperate Women (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Delving into the steamy, sexual world of women in prison, this film goes beyond the imagination... These sex-starved desperados are willing to do anything with anyone to release the suppressed passions imprisoning their own bodies. Kim Christy, acclaimed director of Sulka's Wedding and Squalor Motel, brings you Desperate Women in his own unique and award winning style. Starring Taija Rae, Cyndee Summers, Sharon Mitchell, Aurora, Sherri St. Clair, Buck Adams and Rick Randall. Directed by Ned Morehead. A Caballero Classics Release.
double_desires_dvd_tn.jpg Double Desires (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
There's always some frantic fun going on when two guys and one gal get together for a double penetration party that'll have you panting for more! Starring Ron Jeremy, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Teresa Orlowski, Joanna Stevens, Gabriel Pontello and Sheri St. Clair. A Caballero Classics Release.
ginger_lynn_dvd_tn.jpg Ginger Lynn The Movie (DVD)
Ginger Lynn is the brightest star ever to adorn the adult screen who was old enough to do so. Ginger Lynn the Movie is the almost true story of how young Ginger got into the adult business and lived through it. Starring Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, Crystal Breeze, Beverly Bliss, Sherry St. Claire, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Jamie Gillis, John Holmes and Harry Reems. A Paradise Visuals Release
honey_wilder_triple_07_alpha_blue_tn Honey Wilder Triple Feature 07 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. WILDER AT HEART. Honey hosts (and has multiple fucks in) this collection from 1984. PUSSYCAT GALORE. The Pussycat Galore escort service caters to the rich and famous. RATED SEX. Honey plays the host of a XXX rated film review show. Starring: Brooke Fields, Danielle, Honey Wilder, Kristara Barrington, Mai Lin, Shanna Mccullough, Sheri St. Claire. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
jeannie_pepper_triple_feature_alpha_blue_tn Jeannie Pepper Triple Feature (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Contains three classic XXX features. SUZY'S BIRTHDAY BANG 1984. 69m. Jeannie Pepper, Joanna Storm, Colleen Brennan, Sheri St. Claire.Sweet Jeannie smiles while her face is fucked and glazed with hot cum. TOPPERS 6 1985. 56m. Jeannie Pepper.A bevy of top heavy 80's babes show off their big tits and wet holes. CREAM PUFF 1985. 83m. Jeannie Pepper, Gail Sterling, Rene Lovins.The cheesy plot has something to do with a Rolls Royce dealership, but you'll be looking for thick nippled black cutie Jeanne! + Bonus Scene. Starring: Colleen Brennan, Gail Sterling, Jeannie Pepper, Joanna Storm, Rene Lovins, Sheri St. Claire. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
little-girls-talking-dirty-vcx-tn.jpg Little Girls Talking Dirty (DVD)
Deftly semantics with semen, Christina DeLongpre owns and operates Fingertalking, where she performs the fine art of telephone sex to absolute perfection. But word-of-mouth appears to have gotten out of hand. This has resulted in an increase in the volume of Christina's business to the point where she is forced to hire additional help. Stars: Marc Wallice, Tom Byron, Kristara Barrington, Jesse Adams, Sheri St. Clair, Misty Reagan, Slim Green, Kirstie Devereaux. A VCX Release
long_ranger_the_vcx_tn.jpg Long Ranger, The (DVD)
Despite the absence of masked men and silver bullets, this hearty, good-natured film is actually a vehicle for the talented ladies who star. Charmer Cyndie Summers owns a vacation hotel catering to lonely women in search of men. Starring: Cyndie Summers, Jerry Butler, Sheri St. Claire, Hershel Savage, Keisha, Tami Lee Curtis. A VCX Release.
love_at_first_sight_gormetdvd_tn Love At First Sight (DVD)
A married couple reveals their most intimate fantasies to one another in this scintillating sex-vid, driving one another wild with their erotic enticements. It seems that the husband is never interested in sex anymore, so she decides to stir his emotions by telling him to think about his favorite porn starlets. He dreams up a hot tub tryst involving Amber Lynn that sends the flick into early orbit. He also cooks up a fantasy in which a bunch of guys watching the game get the best delivery service ever, as a couple of come-hither cuties take them all on. Then the loving couple cooks up an outdoor tussle that's so hot it drives them straight into a feverish fling of their own. Starring: Shanna McCullough, Amber Lynn, Lili Marlene, Sheri St. Clair. A Gourmet Video Release.
lust-in-america-dvd-tn.jpg Lust in America (DVD)
After a cocktail party, three couples stay on to talk about their fantasies. The women trail off into another room, however, and relate all the juicy details of their numerous affairs. Left alone, the men fall into the same kind of sexual shop talk as well. Stars: Alexxxis Tyler, John Holmes, Summer Rose, Karen Summer, Jeff Scott, Ray Hardin, Sheri St. Clair, Beverly Glen. A VCX Release
miami_spice_2_dvd_tn.jpg Miami Spice 2 (DVD)
It's back to the bad streets of Miami with detective Amber Lynn as she used her natural talents to fight the drug underworld in its own hometown. Starring Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Stacy Donovan, Danielle, Candi Evans, John Leslie and Joey Silvera. A Caballero Release.
perfect_partners_dvd_tn.jpg Perfect Partners (DVD)
Matt and John are brothers and want to share almost everything, even their wives! That's why they pay a visit to sizzling sex-shrink Dr. Jean, who has a contest between the wives to see who's the sexiest! The good doctor even gets involved. It doesn't take the boys long to figure out they've had the Perfect Partners from the beginning! Starring Amber Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Mike Horner, Joey Silvera, Tamara Longley and Sheri St. Claire. Directed by Robert McCallum. A Cal Vista Release.
please_dont_stop_dvd_tn.jpg Please Don't Stop (DVD)
While hitchhiking, Pearl meets an unattractive type who’s going to visit her rich sister Lynn (Sheri St. Claire) for the first time since childhood and trades places with her companion. Starring Amber Lynn, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, Jon Martin, Lili Marlene, Tamara Longley and Sheri St. Claire. A Cal Vista Release.
sailing_into_ecstasy_tn.jpg Sailing Into Ecstasy (DVD)
Ariel needs lots of sexual gratification. As hard as her husband Paul tries, she still fantasizes shocking and exciting climaxes with her friends Blanche and Weaver, as well as group sex with all of Blanche's friends. After living out her fantasies in some of the hottest scenes ever, Ariel finds the secret to her fulfillment and goes on to experience wild and satisfying sex all the time! Starring: Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards, Tracey Adams, Paul Thomas, Leslie Winston, Rene Summers, Amy Rogers, Sheri St. Clair. A VCX Release
soft_warm_rain_cab_tn.jpg Soft Warm Rain (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
The story is one of magical adventure. A gold prospector (Randy West) searching for the legendary treasure of an ancient Native-American tribe, is dying of thirst in the barren western desert when he spies and grasps a golden medallion in the sand. Could this be a part of the fortune that was used to pay homage to the tribe's rain goddess? Starring: Keisha, Tracy Adams, Siobhan Hunter, Sheri St Clair, Buddy Love, Randy West. A Caballero Classics Release.
tight_and_tender_caballero_tn.jpg Tight and Tender (DVD)
Take a ride down easy street and discover the world of these tight and tender real estate ladies. Sandy takes on a hunky tennis player for some throbbing and lobbing action in the kitchen while her girlfriends Starr and Tamara do some high pressure dickering with some eager "nookie-loos" in the bedroom. Starring: Gina Carrera, Sheri St Clair, Pamela Jennings, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy. A Caballero Classics Release.
tribute_king_1_dvd_tn.jpg Tribute to the King 1 (DVD)
Showcases John Holmes most famous screen conquests from the VCX library of films. This tape is a must have for any serious collector. "The King" is gone, but porn lovers can now own an important piece of history and relive his best moments... John Holmes with Amber Lynn, Connie Peters, Desiree Cousteau, Ginger Lynn, Serena, Sheri St. Clair, Summer Rose.
voyeurs_delight_gourmet_tn Voyeur's Delight (DVD)
A telescope becomes a peephole into a world of sensual delights as a brunette beauty spies on her naughty neighbors. The voyeuristic premise serves as a clever way to link collected scenes featuring some of the most alluring starlets in porn history. From a youthful Ginger Lynn frolicking with Tom Byron and a spiky-haired brunette hottie to a wild group session involving ravishing Rhonda Jo Petty, there's no shortage of sexy star power on hand! Starring: Athena Star, Bunny Bleu, Colleen Brennan, Ginger Lynn, Rhonda Jo Petty, Sheri St. Clair. A Gourmet Video Release.
wet_sex_cab_tn.jpg Wet Sex (DVD)
What happens when five horny people get together for a weekend holiday in a secluded mountain resort? Wet Sex is what! Join our lusty campers as they do it every way, everywhere! Whether it's menage a trois on the kitchen counter, or a torrid tryst in the bubbling waters of the jacuzzi, you won't be disappointed with the way these folks enjoy their holiday. Starring: Greg Rome, Susan Hart, Sheri St Clair, Ron Jeremy, Marc Wallice. A Caballero Classics Release.

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