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Robert Bullock

Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older

the_a_team_returns_west_tn "A" Team Returns, The (DVD)
$23.88 $17.91 On Sale!
Regardless of the title, this is not a take-off from the 80's TV show. Two losers hanging out with their girlfriends decide on a new and interesting career path: Professional Ass Fuckers. They refer to themselves as the "A" Team and set out to give people proper instruction on the art of anal sex. Starring: Robin Lee, Joey Silvera, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Fallon, Frankie Leigh, Robert Bullock, Trinity Loren, Shane Hunter, Dean Roberson. A Western Visuals Release.
beverly_hills_seduction_wv_tn.jpg Beverly Hills Seduction (DVD)
Everyone loves Raymond, but everyone hates Charlie. He has a fortune from his run in the oil industry and everyone wants to knock him off and seize the money. The only thing standing between him and the golddiggers is a short, plucky cop. Will the cop get his man (hopefully his women), or will Charlie bite the big one, and we're not talking about a girl's crotch! Starring: Brandy Wine, Buck Adams, Lisa Bright, Lynn Lemay, Nina Deponca, Robert Bullock, Ron Jeremy, Stephanie Rage, Tom Byron. A Western Visuals DVD.
biloxi_babes_west_tn Biloxi Babes (DVD)
1944 Biloxi, Mississippi. Beau, a patriotic young man anxious to serve his country, learns the true meaning of "basic" training, inspired by a steamy hot Southern belle. Join this fabulous cast of sex superstars in the most fascinating adventures of three generations of war "heroes." Starring: Robin Lee, Joey Silvera, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Fallon, Frankie Leigh, Robert Bullock, Angel Kelly, Trinity Loren, Renee Morgan, Shane Hunter, Lisa Bright. A Western Visuals Release.
bitches_of_west_dvd_tn.jpg Bitches of Westwood (DVD)
What are you going to do when you're not satisfied by the lovemaking skills of your boyfriend? Well, three horny L.A. Honeys have a devil of a time when they conjure up their favorite X-rated star, Jack Wesley (John Leslie), to their snooty and straight-laced neighborhood. Meet the Bitches of Westwood. Starring Alexa Parks, Joey Silvera, Sharon Kane, Krista Lane, Billy Dee, Ona Zee, Jon Martin, John Leslie and Robert Bullock. Directed by Henri Pachard. A Caballero Classics Release.
boom_valdez_dvd_tn.jpg Boom Boom Valdez (DVD)
Boom Boom works as a topless dancer. Everybody in the house is boffing just about every male they can get their hands on. This movie features a plethora of the best natural female bodies to be found anywhere. The sex is equally hot and natural, and a must see for Keisha fans! Starring Alicia Monet, Fallon, Keisha, Nikki Knight, Ona Zee, F.M. Bradley, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Jon Martin, Peter North, Richard Pacheco and Robert Bullock. Directed by Henri Pachard. A Caballero Classics Release.
candys_little_sister_sugar_caballero_tn.jpg Candy's Little Sister Sugar (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Who isn't a sucker for something sweet, succulent, and sexy? Especially if she's Candy's Little Sister, "Sugar". Candy's been on the screen for sometime now but her sister is all grown up and look how she's turned out! This delicious doll finds herself the co-inheritor of needed dollars but only if her sister Candy shares in the moola. The problem...where is Candy? Starring: Nina Hartley, Tiffany Storm, John Leslie, Robert Bullock, Lauryl Canyon, Ariel Knight. Directed by: Gerard Damiano. A Caballero Classics Release.
Coming In Style (DVD)
What goes on behind the doors of a swanky beauty salon? You'll find everyone's Coming In Style as this horny tale of carnal comb-outs unravels. Sidney the hairdresser works on stiffs in a funeral parlor until his friend, David, gets him to move uptown so Sidney can use his talents on David's escort girls. A Caballero release starring: Dick Howard, Kimberly Carson, Robert Bullock, Sharon Kane and Susan Nero
Conflict (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
The arousing variety and complexity of this multi-layered film is an outrageous departure from the usual conventional adult fare. Here is racy, ribald raunch. Classy, sassy sensuality. And more kink, kick and tricks than you ever saw in one feature. Everything you'd expect and more! Starring Alicia Monet, Joey Slivera, John Leslie, Nikki Knights, Nina Hartley, Robert Bullock, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane and Tom Byron. Directed by Henri Pachard and Bruce Seven. A Caballero Classics Release.
divorce_crt_ex2_dvd_tn.jpg Divorce Court Expose 2 (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
The Sensational Smashing, Saga Continues... Divorce Court Expose 2 surpasses anything that has gone before in scorching, sizzling, everything goes, everything shows excitement! The characters depicted here are like the average in any American city. But in scene after scene of uncensored realism we see a different and shocking story. Sounds wild and hot? It's no wilder or hotter than what is actually taking place down the street from where you live. Or maybe next door. So the next time you plan on watching those dull, timid commercial court shows, switch it off. We guarantee a much better viewing experience. Starring Cyndee Summers, Jeanna Fine, Siobhan Hunter, Buddy Love, Buck Adams, Robert Bullock, Randy Daul, Raquel, Rick Cassidy, Honey Wilder, Elle Rio, Breeze Lane and Bill Margold. A Caballero Classics Release.
hot-buns-vcx-tn.jpg Hot Buns (DVD)
The late sixties were a tough-and-tender time when many an over-sexed young girl literally put her ass on the line in order to maintain her vaginal virginity. The idea of backing into the sex act while keeping up a good front, is the stuff that bestsellers are made of. So, Chris, a sensuous, successful author, with encouragement from her lover, Harry, who decides to document a book to be called "The Bottom Line," the real-rear-way that things went down, by bringing some of the "old gang" together for a hot weekend of raw reflections. A VCX Release
hot_cars_nasty_women_west_tn Hot Cars Nasty Women (DVD)
So few adult films hit their mark when they're shooting for humor, but this is definitely an exception to the rule. This movie is absolutely hilarious, complete with the old standard banana peel slip, and toilet paper hanging out of the pants gags. Aside from the hilarity of this gem, there are several up close and personal shots of hot sleaze action, and a few moments to make you say, WTF?? Starring: Summer Rose, Robert Bullock, Gina Carrera, Lady Stephanie, Athena Star, Jennifer Noxt, Dallas Miko, Steve Drake, Richard Karli. A Western Visuals Release.
illicit_affrs_dvd_tn.jpg Illicit Affairs (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
There's a surprise in store for three unhappy couples when an incriminating letter is discovered during their vacation together... Scene after scene of sordid, sensuous lust spills across the screen. It's an explosion of hothouse horniness beyond belief! Find out whodunit in this no-holds-barred scorcher! Starring Aja, Victoria Paris, Sharon Kane, Randy West, Robert Bullock and Stephanie Rage. Directed Jack Remy. A Caballero Classics Release.
jane_bond_gold_dvd_tn.jpg Jane Bond Meets The Man With The Golden Rod (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Amber Lynn is back as Agent 0069, taking on her most erotic challenge - seducing, and succumbing to the awesome thrust of Golden Rod, playing both her sides against the middle by overpowering the protruding might of Crunch, and licking the daylights out of their assistant Pussy Go-Tightly. Aiding and a-bedding her in her conquests are the villaneous Velvet and the cocksman called Control. Starring Amber Lynn, Peter North, Viper, Bionca Seven, Robert Bullock, Tiffanie Storm, Krysta Lane and Herschel Savage. Directed by Harold Lime. A Caballero Classics Release.
jane_bond_meets_thunderballs_tn.jpg Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Here we find the legendary mistress of sexpionage, Jane Bond, matching her sex powers against the mighty male sex machine, THUNDERBALLS. To capture the wiley, wet and wild Bond, Thunderballs throws everything he's got against her... there's Odd Joint, a man with the most formidable weapon to ever invade the soft, warm recesses of a woman's being. Starring: Robert Bullock, Stacey Donovan, Scott Irish, Sasha Gabor, Viper, Krysta Lane, Jesse Eastern, Whitney Price, Sheena Horn, Shelly Sand. A Caballero Classics Release.
jane_bond_thund_dvd_tn.jpg Jane Bond Meets Thunderthighs (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Sexy secret agent Jane Bond has been in many a hot spot before...by now she faces her biggest challenge...350 pounds of pure evil-- Thunderthighs! The sex-action is hot,horny and heavy-- but our scintillating spy gets her man, girl, and finally outwits Thunderthighs herself! And what better way to celebrate than to initiate a new stud into the pleasures of the beautiful Bond! Starring Eva Allen, Layla, Megan Leigh, Nikki Randall, Ariel Knight and Robert Bullock. Directed by Harold Lime. A Caballero Classics Release.
keisha_screws_the_stars_tn.jpg Keisha Screws the Stars (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before! Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! For those nostalgic for a slice of smut from the much-lauded Golden Age of Porn, this is a wonderful title for your erotic perusal! Starring: Keisha, Robert Bullok, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Peter North, Joey Silvera, Randy West, Steve Drake, Buck Adams. A Caballero Classics Release.
ktsx_69_caballero_tn KTSX 69 (DVD)
Expect sexual pandemonium when amorous Amanda (Shanna McCullough) mounts the microphone at the raunchiest radio station to ever sizzle the airwaves... KTSX-69! Freeway commuters are sure to tune-in and turn on as they listen to her outrageous morning show. But what goes on in the studio is even wilder! While Peter the ad salesman gets dick-tation from his gorgeous secretary, station manager Robert Bullock gets the lusty low-down from a nubile nookie newscaster. Even KTSX's owner gets into the act with a boardroom bang-a-thon from bodacious Brenda! Is this any way to run a radio station? When Amanda starts a lesbian orgy in the control booth....the answer is undoubtedly, yes!! Starring: Frankie Lee, Robert Bullock, Shanna McCullough. A Caballero Release.
the-luv-game-dvd-tn.jpg Luv Game, The (DVD)
Lana Lite is looking for love in all the right places. Rachel is a legal eagle looking for a hung jury. Terry can't make up her mind ... so she makes up her bed for two more! And, how 'bout a ballet buff who meets a black stripper ... in the buff! Stars: Barbara Doll, Randy Spears, Marc Wallice, Eric Edwards, Jeannie Pepper, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock, Rachel Ryan. A VCX Release
memiors_of_a_chambermaid_tn.jpg Memoirs of a Chambermaid, The (DVD)
Amy Rogers is a romance novelist, searching for an inspirational location to rent in order to complete her latest novel. Her search leads to an old Victorian mansion filled with dust and cobwebs... Starring: Shanna McCullough, Brandon, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock, Nick Random, Rene Summers, Krista Lane, Wayne Stevens. An Arrow Release
naughty_neighbors_cab_tn Naughty Neighbors (DVD)
They Share Everything! Look who just moved in next door! If you though the suburbs were quiet... think again! This carnal community throbs with nonstop sex! Dad's supposed to be golfing... but he's really letting the cutie next door play with his putter! Mom's got her horny hands full with the roofers while sister Kathy is lezzing with her girlfriends! And what about nerdy son Donald? His sordid sexual conquests have got everyone fooled! These Naughty Neighbors are one, big horny family! If they drop by, be prepared to do more than visit! Starring: Aja, Cheri Taylor, Chip Dale, Jon Dough, Kassi Nova, Mandy Wine, Robert Bullock, Shane Hunter, Tom Byron, Trinity Loren, Victoria Paris. Directed by: John T. Bone. A Caballero Classics Release.
ona_zee_screws_the_stars_tn.jpg Ona Zee Screws the Stars (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before! Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! For those nostalgic for a slice of smut from the much-lauded Golden Age of Porn, this is a wonderful title for your erotic perusal! Starring: Ona Zee, FM Bradley, Robert Bullock, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, Mike Horner, Buck Adams, Rick Savage. A Caballero Classics Release.
one_page_of_love_vcx_tn.jpg One Page of Love (DVD)
Two beautiful sisters share a dark secret. Manon, deeply disturbed and childlike, lives a reclusive life at home while her sister Suzanne provides for all her needs, including male sexual companionship. Starring: Jennifer West, Pat Manning, RJ Reynolds, Bill Margold, Nancy Hoffman, Anthony Richards, Robert Bullock. A VCX Release.
dinner_w_andrea_cab_tn.jpg Our Dinner With Andrea (DVD)
Someone's in the kitchen with Andrea, and they're cooking up something hot! It's not surprising because Andrea practices Tantric Sex--that exotic yoga of sexuality. Sharon Kane gets a torrid taste of this in an awesome girl-girl session--and then with a Kama Sutra stud. Next, SHanna McCullough surprises her boyfriend with some sex tricks she's learned from this carnal cult. There's lots more in store for this insatiable crew--climaxing in an evening of frantic frolic! So, come on down! It's all you can eat when insatiable Andrea invites all her horny friends to dinner. Starring: Ona Zee, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane, Mike Horner, Robert Bullock, Richard Pacheco, Jesse Eastern. Directed by: Frank Zee. A Caballero Classics Release.
outrageous_foreplay_west_tn Outrageous Foreplay (DVD)
$23.88 $5.00 On Sale!
Come join Nina Hartley as she stars in one of her classic movies in which you get six scenes of action that all tie into one sexy feature. This movie brings you kissing, touching, and eating pussy... Everything that comes before sex, along with incredible sex following. All of your popular favorite classic porn stars are in here! Starring: Keisha, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Alicia Monet, Robert Bullock, Megan Leigh, Nikki Nights. A Western Visuals Release.
phone_mates_cab_tn.jpg Phone Mates (DVD)
Dressed-for-excess corporate cutie Alicia Monet and her stiff staff of studs have some hot and horny work cut out for them... interviewing the passionate Phone Mates for "Debbie's Sex-Line!" The first girl Alicia hires is a lip-smacking lesbian who knows her stuff! Starring: Shanna McCullough, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock, Alicia Monet, Megan Leigh, Renee Morgan, Denise Conners, Joey Silvera. A Caballero Classics Release.
portrait_of_an_affair_caballero_tn.jpg Portrait of an Affair (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
The wife: a famous writer for magazines who finds mental and physical gratification from her artistic lesbian girlfriend. The husband: a man who appeases his sexual appetite with his wife in a most brutish way, which repels and yet excites her deeply. The wife's lover: Her insatiable desire for sexual variety drives her to his door, begging him to fulfill her deepest desires. Starring: Nina Hartley, Ona Zee, Robert Bullock, Krysta Lane, Mike Horner. Directed by: Anthony Spinelli. A Caballero Classics Release.
precious_gems_dvd_tn.jpg Precious Gems (DVD)
Randy West checks into his condo to find the maid cleaning up. He helps her make the bed while she makes him. Meanwhile Robert Bullock waits outside the room, hoping to get his bed made, too. Starring Randy West,Samantha Strong, Bionca, Blake Palmer, Lynn LeMay, Brandi Wine, Ray Victory, Robert Bullock and Nina DePonca. Directed by Ron Jeremy. A Cal Vista Release.
secret_mistress_caballero_tn.jpg Secret Mistress (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
What would you do if you tried to be faithful to one fabulous female but had the world's most gorgeous women out to get you waylaid, parlaid and laid? Well, that's the predicament faced by the hero, Steven, in the sizzling glittering low down on manhattan's elite "Secret Mistress." Starring: Colleen Brennan, Taija Rae, Kristara Barrington, Ashley Moore, Robert Bullock, Siobhan Hunter, Scarlett, Rod Retta, Tracey Donovan. A Caballero Classics Release.
strictly_biz_cab_tn Strictly Business (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Now here's a nice little story with lots of twists and turns in the plot and interesting characters, -- which is quite a novelty in adult movies. It stars Sharon Kane and Robert Bullock as business partners trying for the same big advertising account. He's married, but having an affair with Sharon -- and she is secretly after his job at the advertising agency. The dialogue, story and sex are all quite natural and rewarding. It's one of the best written adult movies around. Starring: Billy Dee, Krista Lane, Lacy Logan, Nina Hartley, Randy West, Robert Bullock, Scott Irish, Shanna Mccullough, Sharon Kane, Wayne Stevens. Directed by: Harold Lime. A Caballero Classics Release.
taija_rae_screws_the_stars_tn.jpg Taija Rae Screws the Stars (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before! Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! For those nostalgic for a slice of smut from the much-lauded Golden Age of Porn, this is a wonderful title for your erotic perusal! Starring: Taija Rae, Billy Dee, Robert Bullock, Herschel Savage, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Buck Adams. A Caballero Classics Release.

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