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Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older

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Grandmas Forbidden Romance (DVD)
SKU: 8194778509
Grandma's old but dead she's not, her old crotch is still real hot. She is gonna fuck a cute young man, that is granny's retirement plan! Starring: Alexa, Allison Love, Danko Bell, George Dagmar, Mago, Sara, Tiger, Tommy Leo. A Filmco Productions Release.
Price: $39.88
On Sale! $29.91
70 & Still Fucking 02 (DVD)
SKU: 7204315873
It's a rare find when you stumble across a slut so slutty that she is still taking cock well into her 70s! Well lucky for you we found 5 of them! Watch these old bags have their wrinkled old bodies bent and fucked in ways that is just wrong! Starring: Angelika, Annabella Brandy, Lady, Nina. A Channel 69 Video Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $22.41
Cum On My Granny Face (DVD)
SKU: 7204315882
Just cause my Nana is old does not mean she is finished taking a load on her chin! 6 scenes and over 2 hours featuring mature ladies having cum shot all over their wrinkled old faces! Starring: Claudia, De'Bella, Desi Foxxx, Juditta, Lyuba, Susan. A Channel 69 Video Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $22.41
Hot 50 Plus 54 (DVD)
SKU: 7204315896
Over 50 and still hitting it hard. These babes are not ready to retire their pussys any time soon. Hot 50 Plus 54 features 4 mature babes with the bodies and experience to work your cock right. Watch and see how a real cock artist gets it done! Starring: Dagmar, Jana, Milli, Vanessa. A Channel 69 Video Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $22.41
50 Plus MILFs 02 (DVD)
SKU: 9843944069
These are the women you see in stores, at the beach and public pool or just walking around town, putting the starch in your slacks. They're the women you'd never expect to fuck on film, but here they are and many of them are popping their porno cherries. They've got hubbies, ex-hubbies, children and grandchildren. They're getting naughty and nasty because they love it, and you do too! Starring: Calliste Garnet, Connie McCoy, Jessica Sexton, Lin Boyde, Rita Daniels, Victoria Peale. A Score Release.
Price: $29.88
50 Plus MILFs: Anal Edition (DVD)
SKU: 9843943639
Getting pussy-fucked is no longer enough for these 50 somethings next-door. They need anal action! Starring: DeAnna Bentley, Destiny Anne, Elle Denay, Josette Lynn, Katia, Summeran Winters. A Score Release.
Price: $29.88
50 Plus MILFs: Seniors And Juniors (DVD)
SKU: 9843944239
Dirty older women crazy over younger cocks prove that they're still nymphomaniacs. Honey Ray rides her granddaughter's boyfriend. Gia fucks her neighbor. Luna spreads her pussy for her husband's young employee. It's the first on-camera sex scene for Chanel, Sasha and Raven. Chanel has a fling with the gardener. Sasha needs her hot tub fixed. Starring: Chanel Carrera, Luna Azul, Gia Giancarlo, Honey Ray, Raven Storm, Sasha Samuels. A Score Release.
Price: $29.88
55 And Still Bangin' 05 (DVD) Heatwave
SKU: 0733169937
You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but these old tricks are havin' a blast with these new dogs. Starring: Attila the Hun, Jannis King, Katalin, Magassy, Nina, Sophie. A United Video/Heatwave Release.
Price: $29.88
60 Plus MILFs (DVD)
SKU: 9843943909
While their friends are home playing shuffleboard and watching TV, these horny GILFs are out getting laid! Sandra Ann breaks the age barrier at 75 and the BJ barrier by deep-throating a huge cock. Most grannies make apple pie. Valerie makes cream pie! Watch cum ooze out of their freshly-fucked cunt! Starring: Valerie, Lin Boyde, Mandi McGraw, Bea Cummings, Suzie Wood. A Score Release.
Price: $29.88
87 & Still Banging (DVD)
SKU: 0733180673
When leading lady Rose Agree was born in 1910, automobiles were just replacing horses; women couldn't vote; the Great Flu Epidemic was still seven years in the future; the movies were silent; and bread cost a nickel. Radio and even telephones were in their infancy. But we digress. This video is a tribute to the indomitable power of the sex drive of the human female! You're never going to look at Grandma the same way again. A Heatwave / Metropolis Release
Price: $16.88
92 And Still Banging (DVD)
SKU: 0733153153
Granny's need some hard cock...or two big chocolate ones too! Their snatch patch isn't dried up just yet and they want one in the mouth and one in the pussy. Granny proclaims how she just loves an all day sucker! You know this one stays hard...with a creamy goodness surprise to cover her throat with. Starring: Will Ravage, Big D, Promiscuous Granny, Great Granny GiGi. A Heatwave / Metropolis Release
Price: $16.88
Ass Banging Grannies (DVD) 5 Hrs
SKU: 8194710577
The old broads are getting poked by more than their knitting needles. A Totally Tasteless Video Release.
Price: $29.88
Bang My Granny (DVD) 5 Hrs
SKU: 8194710935
Granny is beyond crocheting and needle point, now she wants to be banged. A Filmco Productions Release.
Price: $19.88
Big Bad Granny's (DVD)
SKU: 0733153133
These fat, old bags are ready and willing to fuck and suck young hot-blooded studs. Their pussy juices may not be flowing like it used to, so just break open some k-y, lift up that fat gut and knock the cobwebs out of that wrinkled pussy! Sounds HOT doesn't it? Starring: Amanda, Julia, Dave, Kid, Reno, Debora. A Heatwave / Metropolis Release
Price: $16.88
Big Boob Grannys (DVD) 5 Hrs
SKU: 8194782123
Stacked GILFs taking heavy rods and proving that they've still got the goods! Watch their massive tits bounce arouind while they moan like it's their first time! A Totally Tasteless Video Release.
Price: $16.88
Bitches For Ever (DVD)
SKU: 9515200771
Six grannies...6 smokin' scenes... None of these grannies have lost their dick sucking or fucking talents...and their libidos are remarkable well preserved. Never under estimate a nympho or heavily horny granny...she's got years of expertise and she's a consummate pro with hose!

A Bizarre Brothers Release.

Price: $29.88
Bush Lust 02 (DVD)
SKU: 9515201212
Over 120 minutes of hairy mature women getting it the way they like it.

Starring: Bessie, Effie, Kellie, Malinda, Orhidea.

A Bizarre Brothers Release.

Price: $29.88
Cum To Granny (DVD)
SKU: 2693610659
Aged whores with no shame. Fuck them like it's 1899! Starring: Agnes, Aja, Eve. A Mothers I'd Like To Fuck Release.
Price: $19.88
Deep Inside Granny (DVD)
SKU: 0733183843
Grannies at it again!! Non stop old fashioned, old lady fuck fest. They just can't seem to get enough cock between their dentures. Starring: Kitty Fox, Minika, Sharon Kaye, Crimson Rose, Jake, John Smith, Mark Miller, Timmy, Steve Steel, Dirk, Steve, Marco. A Heatwave / Metropolis Release
Price: $16.88
Deflowering Your Grandma's Ass (DVD)
SKU: 1936701227
Your grandma has few regrets in life except one, she's never had anal sex. Well, we are going to help her take that off her bucket list and pop that cherry! Starring: Lili, Ivana, Helena, Rozanka. A White Ghetto Films Release.
Price: $29.88
Dirty Kinky Mature Women 76 (DVD)
SKU: 7204315786
Nasty MILFs define the meaning of bolder and older. Starring: Alejandra, Fogii, Fridus, Mia, Nina Swiss. A Channel 69 Video Release.
Price: $29.88
Fossil Fuckers (DVD)
SKU: 2836780227
Old, older, oldest...What turns you on? These old ladies are so starved for love and dick, you won't believe how they gobble down a dick! Their pussies are so hungry for black cock deep in them, they will actually pay for a young stud to fuck them! In this flick, we have old women from all over the world and the best black studs fucking the grey hair off of them! Starring: Analida, Angelita, Claudia, Claudia Souza, Dominika, Franco Roccaforte, Kid Jamaica, Kitty, Lorita, Luiza, Mammy, Marcela, Mark Anthony, Nathan Threat, Noe, Rock the Icon, Simone, Tony Brooklyn, Yuri. An Evasive Angles Release.
Price: $29.88
Fuck My Nana (DVD)
SKU: 7204315758
Just cause my Nana is old does not mean she is finished with fucking. This DVD features 6 scenes and over 2 hours and 40 minutes of old ladies getting the good fucking they cant get from Grandpa. Starring: Aja, Anarea, Blonde Moment, Karen, Kimi, Pamela Jane. A Channel 69 Video Release.
Price: $29.88
Fuckin Old School (DVD)
SKU: 0733187803
They are out of control! These old broads have many years of sexual experience and it shows! Starring: Kari Kums, Samantha, Ami Charms, Kitty Foxx. A Heatwave Release
Price: $16.88
Fuckin' At 50 21 (DVD)
SKU: 0733169816
Half-century and she's still going strong...she's an experienced sexual pro! These women have a long-term libido, in addition to a demanding pussy and other greedy orifices! Why would you want to settle for the kiddie pool, when you can get what you want from a consummate expert. She's not Dr. Ruth--but at this point, she'll give you a good run for your money! Starring: Christine, Comelia, Gerhard, Ingrid, Stephan, Sylvia, Uwe. A Heatwave Raw Release.
Price: $19.88
Fuckin' At 50 22 (DVD)
SKU: 0733169901
Half-century and she's still going strong...she's an experienced sexual pro! These women have a long-term libido, in addition to a demanding pussy and other greedy orifices! Why would you want to settle for the kiddie pool, when you can get what you want from a consummate expert. She's not Dr. Ruth--but at this point, she'll give you a good run for your money! Starring: Alexa, Attila, Natasha, Rita, Silvia, Tony, Uwe. A Heatwave Raw Release.
Price: $29.88
Geriatric Park (DVD)
SKU: 4910760066
Like fine wine, most women improve as they age. Especially when it comes to sex. These gushing grannies still have the sexual of much younger women, but with years of experience. They know all the tricks when it comes to pleasing a man or one another! A Gourmet Video Release.
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $10.00
Goo Guzzling Grannys (DVD) 5 Hrs
SKU: 8194710338
Never ask what's in Grandma's secret sauce. You might not want to know. A Filmco Productions Release.
Price: $16.88
Grandma's Hairy Muff (DVD)
SKU: 8194778180
So hairy shes scary, grandma hasnt shaved in years. Buff the old ladies muff in scorching granny fucking action that is so hot it just might set her mighty bush on fire! Starring: Capt. Bob, Diana Roth, Ed Junior, Kyle Phillips, Ophided Dominic, Raul, Shelly Supreme, Veronica, Vitoria, Will Ravage. A Filmco Productions Release.
Price: $29.88
Grandma's Hairy Pussy 01 (DVD)
SKU: 1404401954
I could so go for a slice of your grandma's apple pie right now. That and a big piece of her hairy pussy. Nothing beats cumming all over that furry beast! Starring: Andrea, Lady, Marinoka, Nina, Vanessa. A White Ghetto Films Release.
Price: $29.88
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