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Gourmet Video Collection Adult DVDs

bedtime-all-nighters-5-gourmet-tn Bedtime All Nighters 5 (DVD)
Explosive blowjobs and hairy pussy! These horny girls are hot! They love to suck and fuck nonstop! One on one's turn into all out hardcore fucking orgies! These pretty girls will drive you wild! Just cum and see for yourself! A Gourmet Video Release.
classic-features-4-pack-8-gourmet-tn Classic Features 4-Pack 8 (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Features: Back Fire, Backdoor To Paris, Butts AFire, Butts Up Doc 4. Starring: Alana, Alex Sanders, Beatrice Valle, Beverly Glen, Buck Adams, Crystal Wilder, Heather Lee, Nikki Shane, Nikki Wilde, Rick Masters, Rick o'Shea, Samantha York, Sean Michaels, Stacy Nichols, Terry Thomas, TT Boy, Leanna Foxxx, Misty Reagan, Jordan Smith, Sebastian. A Gourmet Video Release.
double-d-dykes-7-gourmet-tn Double D Dykes 7 (DVD)
Hot, slutty lesbians doing what they love to do the most - lick each other's sweet, juicy pussies! With their lovely large breasts, these girls finger fuck and go down on each other until they're both having screaming orgasms! A Gourmet Video Release.
gvc-double-feature-4-gourmet-tn GVC Double Feature 4 (DVD)
Featuring: Taken From Behind, and Dr. Anal. Starring: Kristina Barrington, Vanessa Del Rio, Buffy Davis, Rhea, Peggy, Jennifer Knoxt. A Gourmet Video Release.
gvc-double-feature-5-gourmet-tn GVC Double Feature 5 (DVD)
Featuring: The Good Fairy, and Ensenada Pickup. Hot sex on the high seas has all the motion of the ocean and features a very young Rene Bond and the ample Candy Samples gets it doggy style. The Good Fairy. - appears in the rooms of lonely men getting ready for bed. Starring: Jill Sweete, Candy Samples, Mary Lee, Rene Bond, Eve Orlon, Carmen Olivera, Michael Fuller, Dennis Jones, Albert Wilson, Jean Smith, Angie Parks, Lois Reed. A Gourmet Video Release.
sheila-gets-her-way-gourmet-tn Sheila Get Her Way (DVD)
Sheila has a deep craving for hot wet pussy. She finds some of the hottest sluts to enjoy both giving and receiving her nasty lesbian desires. Hot Bods, beautiful tits, great asses and sweet juicy pussies. Shelia knows how to get what she wants. Starring: Sheila Stone, Rebecca, Natalia, Gabriella, Randi. A Gourmet Video Release.
taylor-wayne-&-the-newbies-gourmet-tn Taylor Wayne & The Newbies (DVD)
Buxom Taylor Wayne & Her Big Breasted Newbies explore every nook & cranny of their delicious wet pussies. One of the Newbies even tries some anal delights. Starring: Taylor Wane, Roxanne, Victoria, Kimberly, Debbie. A Gourmet Video Release.
the-new-playmate-gourmet-tn The New Playmate (DVD)
Byron, John Leslie, Jerry Butler This is a cum fest that you cannot miss. Filmed in a time where you just had to worry about fucking. The 70's was the Golden Age of Porn and is the backdrop for this sexy interlude. Starring: Jerry Butler, John Leslie, Nina Hartley, Ron Jeremy, Taija Rae, Tom Byron, Tracey Adams, Vanessa Del Rio. A Gourmet Video Release.
tianna-taylors-girl-time-gourmet-tn Tianna Taylors Girl Time (DVD)
Tianna is wild for drippin wet pussies. All the hot babes explore every inch of their tight pussies. They use fingers, tongues and toys. Everyone cums when it's girl time. Starring: Tianna Taylor, Randi, Jennifer, Tanya, Gabriella. A Gourmet Video Release.
top-debs-6-rear-entry-girls-gourmet-tn Top Debs 6: Rear Entry Girls (DVD)
Five girlfriends go have separate dates and promise to talk about them the next day. But little do they realize they are about to reveal their next accomplishment in sexual debauchery... anal sex. Starring: Kimberly Kummings, Daphne, Dalny, Dave Hardman, Blake Palmer, Andrew, Bam Bam, Brook Waters. A Gourmet Video Release.
trinity-loren-4-pack-1-gourmet-tn Trinity Loren 4-Pack 1 (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Features: Amateur Lesbians 1, Back Door Desires, Deep Inside Trinity Loren, Back Door Lambada. Starring: Trinity Loren.

A Gourmet Video Release.

young-ginger-lynn-4-pack-1-gourmet-tn Young Ginger Lynn 4-Pack 1 (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Featuring: Ginger Lynn & Friends, Wife Swap, Ass Fucking in the 80s, Girls Together. Starring: Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, Rikki Lake, Sandy Taylor, Shauna Grant, Danica Rhae, Heather Wayne, Jessica Wylde, Sharon Mitchell, Tami White, Gina Valentino, Kristara Barrington, Tamara Longley, Inez Acker, Jeanna Fine, Paul Thomas, Siobhan Hunter, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts, Rayanne Drew, Andrea Brittian, Kevin James, Renee Tiffany. A Gourmet Video Release.
69_minutes_gormetdvd_tn 69 Minutes Evening News: Vol.1 (DVD)
This romp is a fast-paced send-up of 60 Minutes, of course. Curvaceous cutie Tracey Adams serves as your host, guiding viewers on a global look at sexual customs... or something like that! Starring: Bambi Allen, Breezy Lane, Jeannie Pepper, Micala Davidson, Tish Ambrose, Tracey Adams. A Gourmet Video Release.
69_minutes_evening_news_vol_2_gourmet_tn 69 Minutes Evening News: Vol.2 (DVD)
This sequel is a compilation of porn director Damon Christian's hottest scenes ever. The whole thing is structured as a news report, with anchorwoman Krista Lane Helping him deliver one hard-hitting scene after another. Of course, the things that they report on might have a hard time making most newscasts. You'll find lots of naturally curvaceous cuties, all of them cavorting around in the uninhibited manner of late 70's and early 80's erotica. Starring: Jessica Wylde, Krista Lane, Siobhan Hunter, Tracey Adams. A Gourmet Video Release.
69_park_avenue_gvc_tn.jpg 69 Park Avenue (DVD)
Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985, playing a cub reporter out to nab his first scoop. His assignment is to uncover the dirt on an old Victorian house that’s been turned into the city’s liveliest brothel. Filled with the top-heavy charms of naturally busty babes Liitle Oral Annie, Erica Boyer and Patti Petite, 69 PARK AVENUE is one address that you’ll find yourself visiting again and again. Starring Little Oral Annie Erica Boyer Colleen Brennan Patti Petite Collette Roberts. A Gourmet Video Release.
a_girl_like_that_gourmet_tn A Girl Like That (DVD)
A GIRL LIKE THAT is an example of mid-1970s New York XXX with Marlene Michaels as the gal who turns hooker to put her hubby through med school. Marlene Willoughby is her mentor, Samantha Fox a dominatrix. Starring: Amy Stone, Ashley Moore, Marlene Willoughby, Merle Michaels, Samantha Fox. A Gourmet Video Release.
awol-a-real-mamas-boy-gourmet-tn.jpg A.W.O.L. - A Real Mama's Boy (DVD)
A young man escapes from boot camp after finding he's not cut out for the military. Two of his hot and horny female friends provide the getaway car and waste no time relieving his anguish. But this doesn't compare to this Mother's love. Once he finally returns home, Mother has her way with son...again and again. A Gourmet Video Release
abondanza_gvc_tn.jpg Abondanza (DVD)
$19.88 $6.00 On Sale!
Abondanza is Italian for plenty and our girls not only show you plenty, they deliver more than plenty! Each luscious beauty is guaranteed to tip the scale over. We're talking pegged to the max! A Gourmet Video Release.
adventures_of_marilyn_ohno_gourmet_tn Adventures Of Marilyn Ohno: Plugged & Leaky (DVD)
She's a sexy over 40 blonde who's happiest when she has a hard c*ck in her p*ssy and a big butt plug up her ass! Starring: Bob Onit, Brewster, David Ball, Denni O, Ebony Rod, Joe Stud, Marilyn Ohno, The Mask Man. A Gourmet Video Release.
all_black_01_4p_gourmet_tn All Black 4-Pack 01 (DVD) 4-Disc Set
This all-black combo includes: Ebony Gods, Black Adonis, Black Narcissis, Midnight Magic. A Gourmet Video Release.
all_in_the_family_gourmet_tn All In The Family (DVD) Gourmet
Sis has the hots for her brother's fiance. When her brother goes to work, the girls get it on. What will her brother do when he finds out? Watch and see. A Gourmet Video Release.
all_the_way_gourmet_tn All The Way (DVD) Gourmet
Georgina Spelvin and her writer husband live on a deserted ranch with their ranch hand. Everett is writing the great American novel. But his mind cant concentrate on his project. So he rides off to a neighbors place for a little extra sex. He figures this will clear his mind. Everett does this a little too often as Georgina gets bored with her existence and starts fooling around with the ranch hand. The only problem is that Georgina falls in love. Starring: Georgina Spelvin. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur-lesbians-4dvd-gourmet-tn Amateur Lesbians (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Featuring titles: Amateur Lesbians 1, Amateur Lesbians 2, Amateur Lesbians 3, Amateur Lesbians 4. Starring: April Rayne, Domonique, Lisa Wilson, Patricia, Stephanie. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur_lesbians_01_gourmet_tn Amateur Lesbians 01 (DVD) Gourmet
These lesbians may be amateurs to movies,but they are certainly no novices between the sheets.This is clear as they lap at each other's cunts,rub each other's tits,and slip and slide dildos and anal beads in and out of each other's holes. Starring: Cassandra Dark, Holly Ryder, Leanna Foxxx, Leilani, Taylor Wane, Trinity Loren. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur_lesbians_02_gourmet_tn Amateur Lesbians 02 (DVD) Gourmet
Love licking pussy? Burrying your face deep in the kitty and lapping away? Maybe, but not as much as these horny amateur lesbians! Scene after scene of girls who can't wait to get fingerbanged and go muff diving deep in another girl. Starring: Angela D'angelo, Dominique Simone, Holly Ryder, Leilani, Lisa Wilson. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur_lesbians_03_gourmet_tn Amateur Lesbians 03 (DVD) Gourmet
These aren't ordinary sluts you'll see in this flick!!! That's because they are real Amateur Lesbians!!! They want to lick, eat, finger, use toys, and love each and every twat that is put near them!! Starring: Angela D'angelo, April Rayne, Cassandra Dark, Holly Ryder, Leilani. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur-lesbians-04-gourmet-tn Amateur Lesbians 04 (DVD) Gourmet
It's all girls! Check out this super hot lesbian flick featuring a bunch of lesbian sluts licking and slurping on each other's pussies! These girls are crazy about that cunt! Starring: Dominique, Jamie, Leilani, Patricia, Stephanie, Tera.

A Gourmet Video Release.

amateur-lesbians-05-gourmet-tn Amateur Lesbians 05 (DVD)
These hot fucking girls love sucking on big beautiful tits,lapping up all the sweet wet pussy juice and fucking each other with dildos, strap-ons in every imaginable position.If you like watching Lesbians this is truly a voyeurs delight. Enjoy! Starring: Dusty, Flame, Kim, Missy. A Gourmet Video Release.
amateur-lesbians-06-gourmet-tn Amateur Lesbians 06 (DVD)
Watch these hot babes first masturbate with fingers, toys in their pussies and assholes. Then they get to play with each other fingering, sticking toys in their pussies and ass. Starring: Blaire, Dusty, Heather, Leilani, Taylor. A Gourmet Video Release.
-amberella_tn.jpg Amberella (DVD)
Amber Lynn stars as Amberella, a beautiful and cunning counter intellegence agent who matches her wits against ruthless villians who plan to throw the world into orgasmic catastrophe. Starring: Jay Sterling, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Clubs DiMarcoe, Elle Rio, Jeanna Fine, Breezy Kane, Amber Lynn. A Gourmet Video Release

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