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Gourmet Video Collection Adult DVDs

top-debs-05-gourmet-tn Top Debs 05 (DVD)
Join these tender sluts as they suck and fuck like true porno queens. First they are screened and questioned to see if they have what it takes. But they opt to move onto more pressing matters-like sucking off the interviewers hard cock. Starring: Chante, Dave Hardman, Holly Body, T.J, Tess Newhart, Tony Martino, Vixxen. A Gourmet Video Release.
top-debs-prom-night-tn.jpg Top Debs Prom Night (DVD)
It's collection night at the city's finest hotel and from all over the state beautiful young debs in fashionable gowns and their dashing tuxedo clad escorts collect to celebrate and pay homage to the loveliest girls of them all...Top Debs...The cream of society girls at their peak of perfection. Stars: Tanya, Brittany, Matt Brady, Joe Veducci, Sam Haggard, Hank Golden, Lisbet Simms, Mickie Lynn. A Gourmet Video Release
tower_of_love_gourmet_tn.jpg Tower Of Love (DVD) Gourmet Video
In this bizarre Harry Novak production, three women go to a fictitious European country to be spokesmodels for a national celebration. They are housed in luxury and paid quite well, and the only drawback is that they must wear chastity belts. The girls go about their daily activities, playing cards, working out, jogging all wearing only these small metal g-strings. Sexually frustrated, each calls upon a locksmith, who after having removed their belts, has sex with them. Later on the women are sent back to America, as the event has been cancelled, and the viewer finds out that the locksmith was the nations prince, engaging in this strange farce to get him some "action". Starring: Alan Land, Bert Davis, Bob Boneto, Bob Silva, Carol Hawkins, Floyd Martin, Gene Rowland, Jean Pascal, Joseph Peters, Kitty Lombard, March Embers, Mary Valentine, Tammy Smith, Tommy Walker. A Gourmet Video Release.
treasure-chest-gourmet-tn.jpg Treasure Chest (DVD)
Ivory Blake (Christy Canyon) plays a mystery novelist whose Aunt has left her an inheritance. As a catch, she must use her “talent and skills” to locate mystery envelopes containing clues needed to attain the inheritance. These clues lead the sensual Ivory through a maze of erotic encounters. Starring : Christy Canyon, Susan Hart, Heather Wayne, Ron Jeremy. A Gourmet Video Release
two_sisters_gvc_tn.jpg Two Sisters (DVD)
A pair of horny guys take two sisters to their toy store and then teach them to play doctor. A Gourmet Video Release.
undercover_girls_gourmet_tn.jpg Undercover Girls (DVD)
It's Good vs. Evil as Undercover Girl gets to the bottom or top of things. She never gets enough action as the top Control Agent. Watch as this non-stop action unfolds! A Gourmet Video Release.
urgent_desires_gourmet_tn.jpg Urgent Desires (DVD)
Big-busted Bobbie Hall is so passionately grateful to a well-hung stranger who fixes her car that she invites him over and promises him anything--and she delivers! After hes gone Bobbie takes on two studs as she brings them both to a throbbing climax. Then it gets twice as hot as two couples share the same bed to practice their urgent desires--watch an incredible cose up as a huge penis explodes cum on a womans writhing body! A gorgeous redhead is seduced and licked to a jarring orgasm by the office lesbian. And after everyone leaves for the day, a pretty young typist double masturbates two gents till they simultaneously cream her swelling bosom. Get close, get involved with the Urgent Desires of the Embassy Girls. Theyre giving it away for free this time! Starring: Alma Maize, Bobbie Hall, Carlie Zacker, Gail Scott, Randy Barstow. A Gourmet Video Release.
urges_in_young_ladies_gourmet_tn.jpg Urges In Young Ladies (DVD)
A new mirror in the lingerie shop is discovered to have a magical effect....it can transport one who looks into it to a steamy sexual encounter! A clerk at the store makes love to her boyfriend as a woman customer is transported to the office of a senator. Two girls are transported to their rock idol. Two other girls are sent to a body building gym. Another is sent to two men in the jungle. This is a wild tale of just how wild young ladies can be! Starring: Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, Renee Summers, Sandy King, Sharon Kane, Tish Ambrose. A Gourmet Video Release.
uschi-gourmet-tn.jpg Uschi (DVD)
Porn star Uschi Digart started her acting career as one of the favorite huge-breasted heroines of director Russ Meyer. She starred in a host of his late 60's and 70's sex-and-violence melodramas, where her make-out scenes provided a highlight for big boob fans everywhere. Uschi Digart's most obvious asset was her incredibly large and oh-so-natural breasts. In this Classic Collection, you get a full two hours of loops that showcase the gorgeous Uschi and her perfect tits! Starring: Uschi. A Gourmet Video Release
-valley_vixens_tn.jpg Valley Vixens (DVD)
A day in the life of four valley girls. After playing out all their cards alone, they invite the gang from their husbands' office over for some Valley fun: hot and lusty sex in the afternoon! Starring: Shana Grant, Cody Nicole, and Inez Acker. A Gourmet Video Release
vanessas-party-girls-gourmet-tn Vanessa's Party Girls (DVD)
Vanessa and her hot nasty girlfriends never want the party to end. They love orgies, they please with double penetration, they love to suck cock nonstop. This is one party you don't want to miss. Starring: Erica Boyer, Keli Richards, Kelly Nichols, Olinka, Sheri St. Claire, Vanessa Del Rio. A Gourmet Video Release.
velvet_high_gourmet_tn.jpg Velvet High (DVD)
It's back to school with the horniest cheerleaders in the county. They are cute but they are so ready to ride the football team, the locals and anyone who looks their way. These frisky young girls who giggle, chew gum and suck a mean cock are all head cheerleaders that always give their teams an advantage. Starring: Carter Stevens, Christie Ford, Jerry Butler, Merle Michaels, Misty Regan, Robin Sane. A Gourmet Video Release.
vicious-virgins-gourmet-tn Vicious Virgin (DVD)
A father, unable to put up with his defiant daughter anymore, leaves her in the care of a brutal dominatrix, who promises that she will be able to teach the nubile young girl how to obey. A Gourmet Video Release.
virgin-and-the-lover-gourmet-tn.jpg Virgin and the Lover (DVD)
Eric Edwards stars in the psychologically driven tale of a man trapped inside his own sexual fantasy world. It seems that he's only ever fallen for one woman, a gal who died in a tragic car crash years before. Now, Eric lives with a mannequin that he's dressed up in her old clothes and has vivid dreams about the dummy coming to life and trysting with him. Starring : Jennifer Welles Darby Lloyd Rains Olinka Helen Madigan Susan Sloane Leah Marlon. A Gourmet Video Release
voyeurs_delight_gourmet_tn Voyeur's Delight (DVD)
A telescope becomes a peephole into a world of sensual delights as a brunette beauty spies on her naughty neighbors. The voyeuristic premise serves as a clever way to link collected scenes featuring some of the most alluring starlets in porn history. From a youthful Ginger Lynn frolicking with Tom Byron and a spiky-haired brunette hottie to a wild group session involving ravishing Rhonda Jo Petty, there's no shortage of sexy star power on hand! Starring: Athena Star, Bunny Bleu, Colleen Brennan, Ginger Lynn, Rhonda Jo Petty, Sheri St. Clair. A Gourmet Video Release.
-wacky_world_of_x_rated_tn.jpg Wacky World Of X-Rated Bloopers (DVD)
Enclosed you will find GVC's new bloopers tape culled from hundreds of hours of raw footage and over fifty different features. Sixty nine of the biggest adult stars caught by these cameras as you've never seen them before in some of the most hilarious and unbelievable situations imaginable. Starring: Amanda Tyler, Amber Lynn, Ashley Brooks, Blake Palmer, Breezy Lane, Buck Adams, Buddy Love, Bunny Bleu and many, many more. A Gourmet Video Release
water_hos_tn.jpg Water Ho's (DVD)
Sexy Johnny Black has recruited some of her hottest and horniest friends to wash cars on the weekend for a "good cause." The cause is, of these girls are really anxious to "polish the chrome" and make sure everyone leaves squeaky clean. When was the last time you had your car washed? Starring Johnny Black, Nikki Sinn, Candy Vegas, Kimberly Kummings, Chili, Jack Hammer, Matt Jade. A Gourmet Video Release.
way_inside_lee_carroll_gourmet_tn Way Inside Lee Carroll (DVD)
Step inside the world of Lee Carroll in this documentary-style look at some of her finest on-screen moments. You’ll be treated to a diverse compilation in which Lee is involved in a lesbian scene, a B&D encounter, a one-on-one scene with Ron Jeremy, and also a solo scene. Interspersed are comments by Bill Margold, Bobby Hollander, Peter Davy, and others which provides for a uniquely informative and HOT look at this classic adult star’s career. Starring: Lee Carroll. A Gourmet Video Release.
wet_evidence_gourmet_tn Wet Evidence (DVD)
This 1986 romp is a takeoff on the TV classic "Dragnet." Kevin James stars and actually pulls off a competent impression of Jack Webb, delivering his lines with the staccato style that became Webbs trademark. His right-hand woman is played by Candie Evens, who brings her own prodigious skills to bear on the part. Starring: Blondi, Candie Evans, Erica Boyer, Kristara Barrington, Renee Hunter. A Gourmet Video Release.
whatever_happened_to_miss_september_gourmet_tn.jpg Whatever Happened To Miss September (DVD)
When Tom Forbes falls in love with a centerfold girl, he doesnt let it go at that. Since hes wealthy, he can have anything he wants, so he hires a private investigator to find the girl and bring her to him. Its discovered that the girl, Barbie, had to be forced into posing for that magazine. The detective finds out that Barbie was also used to make a porno flick and buys a reel to show his employer. He tries to talk Tom out of wanting Barbie when he discovers she works in an orgy house, but no deal. Then he sets up a meeting with Barbie himself and finds out what is so wonderful about her. He cant bear to give her up to Tom, his employer, and decides to keep lusty Barbie all to himself. Starring: Tina Russell. A Gourmet Video Release.
wicked_women_gvc_tn.jpg Wicked Women (DVD)
Blondie and Fallon as two news women who stay after the 11:00 o'clock report to write their own lesbian news flash. Rhonda Jo Petty and Taija Rey as two lovely girls who tease and taunt a shy guy who only likes to watch. They give him some show. Starring: Blondie, Fallon, Rhonda Jo Petty, Taija Rey, Kathleen Gentry, Tiffany Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Frankie Leigh, Laura La Rue. A Gourmet Video Release.
wife_swap_gvc_tn.jpg Wife Swap (DVD)
While wife is home making sex with her lover, hubby comes home unexpectedly causing the lover to run and hide in the closet. Paul playing the husband, handles it with aplomb however and narrates a flashback that explains his situation, then allows Steve to fuck his wife while he watches. Starring: Ginger Lynn, Shauna Grant, Heather Wayne, Tami White, Tamara Longley, Inez Acker, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Steve Drake, Marc Wallice, Craig Roberts. A Gourmet Video Release.
wild_river_girls_gourmet_tn.jpg Wild River Girls (DVD)
Two men lose their rubber raft on a river on a river in the wilderness and find a rural community. Three sisters then spend their time trying to have sex without the sheriff or their aunt catching them! There is plenty of sex in and among the slapstick. Another family that loves to share! Starring: Joe Julian, Lanny Roth, Marsha Judd. A Gourmet Video Release.
women_who_love_girls_of_the_80s_gourmet_tn Women Who Love Girls Of The 80's (DVD)
It’s a lusty lesbian fiesta when a group of luscious femme-fondling foxes lavish their amorous attentions on one another. This is all-girl mayhem at its merriest, filled with white-hot action and plenty of eye-popping curves. From the lithesome loveliness of Hyapatia Lee to the bra-busting bosoms of Bunny Bleu, there’s never a shortage of enticing eye candy throughout this classic video treat. Starring: Bunny Bleu, Hyapatia Lee, Joanna Storm, Tamara Longley. A Gourmet Video Release.
womens_fantasy_gourmet_tn Women's Fantasy (DVD)
This video hosts an absolutely incredible cast of all-star vixens engaging in all-female action, dildos and masturbation... that is, until the finale when the unexpecting delivery boy arrives and finds himself in the middle of a WOMEN'S FANTASY party. Some of the hottest lesbian action you’ll ever see, featuring some of the sexiest porn stars of all-time. Starring: Annie Owen, Buffy St. John, Danielle, K.c. Valentine, Linda Shaw. A Gourmet Video Release.
x-rated-bloopers-2-gourmet-tn.jpg X-Rated Bloopers Part 2 (DVD)
We don't release these blooper tapes very often because they take so many hours of overtime on the part of our editor. It's not that we mind putzing around all night eating cookies and giggling insanely, it's just that these long hours are taking their toll and we've got a lot more work for him to do before they take him aaway in a straight jacket. So, if you like this video, please don't write and tell him. Next thing ya know he's going to discover that there are guys who get paid for doing this! A Gourmet Video Release
yall_come_gvc_tn.jpg Y'all Come (DVD)
In the country, a girl uses sex to lure a white man and a black man to where her four girlfriends are waiting. They make both men work and have sex at gun point. When the girls are tired, the men get away. Then they wake, was it a dream? But when the girls appear, the men try to escape! A Gourmet Video Release.
young_amber_lynn_4pk_tn.jpg Young Amber Lynn (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Featuring titles Play Me a Sex Song, Me Myself & I, Amberella, Honeymoon Harlots. Starring: Amber Lynn, Tamara Longely, Gina Carrera, Jerry Butler, Sharon Mitchell, Patti Petite, Jessica Wylde, Sharon Thorpe, Angel Kelly, John Seeman, Eric Edwards, Kay Parker, Abigail Clayton, Tami White, Fay Bird. A Gourmet Video Release.
young-amber-lynn-02-gourmet-tn Young Amber Lynn 4-Pack 02 (DVD)
Featuring titles: Classic Porn of the 80s 2, Love at First Sight, Big City Sex, Play Me a Sex Song. Starring: Amber Lynn. A Gourmet Video Release.
young_christy_canyon_4p_gourmet_tn Young Christy Canyon (DVD) 4-Disc Set
Featuring titles: Seduction Of Christy Canyon, Girls Together, Lotsa Tops, SuperStars Of The 80's. Starring: Christy Canyon. A Gourmet Video Release.

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