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* Adult Classics

Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older


the_a_team_returns_west_tn "A" Team Returns, The (DVD)
$23.88 $17.91 On Sale!
Regardless of the title, this is not a take-off from the 80's TV show. Two losers hanging out with their girlfriends decide on a new and interesting career path: Professional Ass Fuckers. They refer to themselves as the "A" Team and set out to give people proper instruction on the art of anal sex. Starring: Robin Lee, Joey Silvera, Nina Hartley, Mike Horner, Fallon, Frankie Leigh, Robert Bullock, Trinity Loren, Shane Hunter, Dean Roberson. A Western Visuals Release.
50_million_cherry_caballero_tn.jpg $50 Million Cherry (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
A wild, wacky, sexy, scramble of lust, greed, and temptation! What would it take to spread Samantha Strong's legs and plunge in her pink, precious pussy? Because in this raunchy, racy romance, the woman portrayed by Samantha is a virgin, and she has to stay that way to collect $50,000,000. If she is deflowered, that amount goes to her family and friends. Starring: Amber Lynn, Samantha Strong, Sharon Mitchell, John Leslie. A Caballero Classics Release.
1_800_934_boob_caballero_tn.jpg 1-800-934-BOOB (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Feeling hot and horny? Want to make your night sizzle? Call us and we'll turn you on. You'll grow hard with desire as titalating Tiffany Mynx takes a hung stud deep into her throat. Then feel the steam as Ona Zee lets Marc Wallice in the back door. Join the wildest threesome ever featuring European bombshell Katrina Valentina. Starring: Tiffany Mynx, Francesca Le, Chaz Vincent, Katrina Valentine. A Caballero Classics Release.
14_tool_time_memories_tn.jpg 14" Tool Time Memories (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Watch Big John hammer his cock down the wettest, deepest throats and into the tightest pussies around! Featuring the king of cock! John Holmes. John shows the ladies what a real man can do with his 14" tool and leaves them with lasting memories. Starring: John Holmes. A Caballero Release
36D_blond_a_linda_shaw_collection_tn 36 D Blonde A Linda Shaw Collection (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Think there weren't a bevy of Asian hotties in 70's porn? How about the slim-and-stacked dropdead gorgeous Mei Ling? Petite and perky-titted Linda Wong! And who could forget the wild fuckdoll Mai Lin! Starring: Seka, Frank James, John Leslie, Joey Silvera and Jesse Adams, Kristara Barrington, Mei Ling, Linda Wong, Mai Lin. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
42nd_st_double_header_fantasy_girls_7_into_snowy_wv_tn 42nd St Double Header: Fantasy Girls and 7 Into Snowy (DVD)
Featuring titles Alex de Renzy's Fantasy Girls and 7 Into Snowy. Starring: Bonnie Holiday, Bonnie Holliday, Carl Irwin, Carol Bigby, Gail Lawrence, Jamie Gillis, Jim Holliday, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, John Rolling, Kay Parker, Kristine Heller, Laura Fugiyama, Patty Redding, Paul Sharf, Paul Thomas, Richard Logan, Sharon Thorpe, Turk Lyon. A Western Visuals Release.
8_4_update_dvd_tn.jpg 8 To 4 (DVD)
This is a spoof of "9 to 5".

Starring: Annette Haven, Veronica Hart, Lisa De Leeuw, Loni Sanders, Juliet Anderson, Lee Carroll, and Paul Thomas.

A Caballero Classics Release.

80s-ladies-western-visuals-tn 80's Ladies (DVD)
While everyone else was playing with walkmans and being totally tubular, these ladies were getting down and dirty! Starring: Becky Savage, Jaqueline Lorains, Lisa Deleeuw, Pamela Man, Tami White, Ursula Gaussman, Vanessa Del Rio. A Western Visuals Release.
a_list_classics_nina_hartley_samantha_fox_wv_tn A-List Classics: Nina Hartley vs Samantha Fox (DVD)
These classic A-listers are going head to head and giving a little head while they are at it. Starring: Nina Hartley, Samantha Fox. A Western Visuals Release.
a_list_classics_tracy_adams_alicia_rio_wv_tn A-List Classics: Tracy Adams vs Alicia Rio (DVD)
Two of the best going head to head to show you why they are the best. Starring: Alicia Rio, Tracy Adams. A Western Visuals Release.
adultress_caballero_tn.jpg Adultress, The (DVD)
Alicia is a very bored very rich housewife who loves seedy motels and insatiable studs who make hot, sweaty, love to her for hours on end. One day she and her lover Bart dream up a deliciously nasty scheme to force a divorce from her straight laced husband. They decide to enlist the services of a depraved slut to put her hubby in a compromising position. Now the sex fun begins as they interview (and sample) a nonstop stream of harlots for the job. Starring: Krista Lane, Blondie, Keisha, Herschel Savage, Buck Adams, Sheri St. Claire, Jamie Summers. A Caballero Classics Release.
adventures_of_marilyn_ohno_gourmet_tn Adventures Of Marilyn Ohno: Plugged & Leaky (DVD)
She's a sexy over 40 blonde who's happiest when she has a hard c*ck in her p*ssy and a big butt plug up her ass! Starring: Bob Onit, Brewster, David Ball, Denni O, Ebony Rod, Joe Stud, Marilyn Ohno, The Mask Man. A Gourmet Video Release.
adventures_mikki_finn_dvd_tn.jpg Adventures of Mikki Finn (DVD)
Mikki Finn is a young hopeful who comes to Hollywood to land a recording contract and finds herself caught up in a glitter world where sexual compromise clashes with her free love approach to life. Starring Ashlyn Gere, Britt Morgan, K.C. Williams, P.J. Sparxx, Porsche Lynn, Jon Dough, Peter North and Rocco Siffredi.
adventures_of_rick_quick_cab_tn.jpg Adventures of Rick Quick Private Dick, The (DVD)
As usual, R. Bolla does a wonderful job in the detective role, Rick Quick - a private DicK whose mind is between his legs -- making for some very hilarious situations -- but it's the girls, especially Topaz, that add fuel to the erotic fires; especially the whopper of an orgy at the end. Starring: Bunny Bleu, R Bolla, Topaz. A Caballero Classics Release.
air_erotica_dvd_tn.jpg Air Erotica (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Welcome aboard Air Erotica. It's a funky flight of cum-drenched fantasies for frantic frequent flyers! First, anal expert Sheri St. Clair gets a mile-high bathroom butt-banging from eager Tom Byron. Then Captain Herschel Savage takes a nookie-nose dive for stewardess Bunny Bleu's hot snatch while no one's looking! On the ground, there's a raunchy girl-girl orgy with Taija Rae while Kevin James and Tracey Adams fly the more-than-friendly skies! The ultimate cunt-pulsing excitememnt happens on a private jet to Paris... Starring Taija Rae, Sheri St. Clair, Bunny Bleu, Tracey Adams, Herschel Savage and Kevin James. A Caballero Classics Release.
All About Gloria Leonard (DVD)
This erotic classic lets us see the life style and memories of one of the most erotic and powerful women in the adult film industry, Gloria Leonard. Starring Gloria Leonard, Ming Toy, Gloria Todd, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Monica Devon, Bobby Hollander, David Morris, George Payne, Peter Andrews, R. Bolla and Paul Thomas. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD
all_about_sharon_kane_tn.jpg All About Sharon Kane (DVD)
All About Sharon Kane is chock full of vintage scenes from the Video-X-Pix library, which perfectly illustrate the sexual highlights of Sharon's erotic career. She loves to suck cock, but has also been known to have an appetite for the PINK CLAM, on occasion. Starring: Sharon Kane, Amber Lynn, Joey Silvera, George Payne, Buck Adams, Michael Knight, Jonathan Ford. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD.
amanda_by_night_new_tn.jpg Amanda by Night (DVD)
Amanda Heather is a high-class call girl trying to go straight. Amanda's young prostitute friends are killed and she is inexorably drawn into a spiral of brutality & ever-building tension as the murderer stalks her. Starring Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Lisa De Leeuw, Mai Lin, Lee Carroll, Brooke West, Nicole Black, R. Bolla, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, and Arcadia Lake.
Amanda By Night II (DVD)
On the trail of the killer who offed a high-priced hooker, detective Herschel Savage finds more than he bargained for in the world of New York's call-girl elite. Starring Krista Lane, Tracey Adams, Nikki Knights, Ona Zee, Nina Hartley, Veronica Hart, and Herschel Savage.
amazing_tls_dvd_tn.jpg Amazing Tails (DVD)
Two gorgeous room mates swallow more than one hot cocktail when they bring home three stiff dudes from an outrageous orgy! A woman scores big when she chug-a-lugs a fiery latin studs tequila stinger! Then, a brother and sister sample forbidden, frantic lust! Finally, a newlywed wife relaxes her hubby after a hard day. Starring Buffy Davis, Candi Evans, Natasha Skier, Scott Irish and Trinity Loren. A Caballero Classics Release.
amazing_tails_v_caballero_tn Amazing Tails V (DVD)
What's our little "Phone Nymph" up to? Not much... that's just one of the dialogues sensational Heather Lere uses at her phone sex service. But watch what happens when her real man comes home! Then, the action is hotter than words with Brigitte Monroe and Peter North do a little "Monkeying Around." Next, Tom Byron and torrid Tamara Lee make a very "Hard Choice," while sexaholic Lauren Brice gets her frantic fill of lesbian and straight sex in "Addicted to Love." Rounding out this erotic set, Paul Thomas and Beverly Bliss create and sizzling meltdown of time, "In the Beginning." Starring: Ashlyn Gere, Beverly Bliss, Bridgette Monroe, Heather Lere, Kelly Royce, Lauren Brice, Paul Thomas, Peter North, Randy West, Tammy Monroe, Tom Byron A Caballero Release.
amber_aroused_dvd_tn.jpg Amber Aroused (DVD)
Hi there, see that female human life form in the picture? That's Amber and I'm woody, the non-human semi life form. I hate being called a robot. My boss inventor, Harvey Woodman, hired her as a domestic but before we knew it she was blowing everyone's fuses. First it was Harvey and his wife Mag, then the kinky next-door neighbor. And then me! Wow, was I turned on! Amber is gone now. But I'll tell you, the last time I saw Amber aroused, I really overloaded my circuits and hers! Starring Amber Lynn, Crystal Breeze, Jay Serling, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Mindy Rae, Sasha Gabor and Denise Kelly. Directed by Mark Davis. A Caballero Classics Release.
amber_lynn_collection_tn.jpg Amber Lynn Collection, The (DVD)
Once again Video X-Pix opens it's vault to the public by releasing "The Amber Lynn Collection," which contains over 100 minutes of the hottest, most sizzling moments of Amber's porn career. Starring: Amber Lynn, Sharon Kane, John Leslie, Karen Summer, Michael Knight, Gina Carrera, Paul Thomas. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD.
amber_l_ns_dvd_tn.jpg Amber Lynn Non Stop (DVD)
$16.88 $10.00 On Sale!
Ninety minutes of mind-blowing and bone-stiffening action with no dull stuff to lower the heat or slow the beat. Amber Lynn going at it non-stop is like a roller coaster. Once you get on, you stay on, until you get off. Starring Tom Byron, Eric Edwards, Tamara Longley, Amber Lynn, Sharon Mitchell and Herschel Savage. A Caballero Classics Release.
ambers_desires_tn.jpg Amber's Desires (DVD)
Like the song says, "I can't get no satisfaction,"...and neither can luscious Amber Lynn. This dazzling temptress is so frustrated about coming up with a big "O" in the "Big Oh Department" that she's gone into therapy for a sensuous session of erotic explorations entitled Amber's Desires. The good doctor has a plan that soon has Amber batting 1000...demonstrating some of the best medicines don't have to come from the pharmacy! Starring: Amber Lynn, Mai Lin, Kevin James, D.J. Cone. A Caballero Classics Release.
-amberella_tn.jpg Amberella (DVD)
Amber Lynn stars as Amberella, a beautiful and cunning counter intellegence agent who matches her wits against ruthless villians who plan to throw the world into orgasmic catastrophe. Starring: Jay Sterling, Jerry Butler, Buck Adams, Clubs DiMarcoe, Elle Rio, Jeanna Fine, Breezy Kane, Amber Lynn. A Gourmet Video Release
anal_assault_01_alpha_blue_tn Anal Assault 01 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The raunchy appeal of a sloppy ass f*ck has never been captured more perfectly than in these 1970's ass searing shorts! In Dial a Model, the sexy girl next door Bridgette Maier is an anal whore in the bedroom! Gorgeous Serena is a girl who loves to give favors, like opening her ass for a special treat. John Holmes accepts the challenge of shoving his c*ck right up a skinny cutie's special hole! Sexy Desiree loves to watch dirty Connie get f*cked in her asspipe! 16 loops in all! Starring: Bridgette Maier, Connie Peters, Crystal Dawn, Dave Ruby, Desiree West, John Holmes, Serena, Terri Hall. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
anal_assault_02_alpha_blue_tn Anal Assault 02 (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
The infamous secret films of the 1970s arrive on action packed DVD. Red hot heat seeking anal action featuring the assholes of busty Angel Cash, pretty Candina Royalle and many gorgeous vintage models! A bizarre dungeon hosts an anal orgy! A bald pussied blond points a studs dripping cock towards her aching back door. A slender black girl takes a rear spern delivery and more! Starring: Angel Cash, Candida Royalle, Connie Peters, John Holmes. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
connie_peters_collection_tn.jpg Anal DP Blonde - A Connie Peters Collection (DVD)
$29.88 $20.00 On Sale!
Petite anal loving blonde would have been a Max Hardcore favorite 30 years ago. Youthful, blonde, enthusiastic, stacked with big meaty tits, and always willing to have her ass and pussy pumped by 2 dicks, even when 1 is John Holmes! Starring: Johnny Keyes, Connie Peters, John Holmes. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
anal-flashback-western-visuals-tn Anal Flashback (DVD)
Step back in time when getting violated from behind was new and exciting! Starring: Alicia Rio, Flame, Stacy Nichols, Tiffany Mynx. A Western Visuals Release.

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