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Important: All models in all videos/DVDs or other adult products sold by VidXpress are 18 years of age or older


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Dream Jeans (DVD)
SKU: 0558950101
Meet Oscar- a struggling garment manufacturer whose sales are bust. But, a beautiful woman with a sensational bust mysteriously appears and offers to help. Her name is Leslie (played by delectable newcomer Jeanna Fine) and her product is Dream Jeans- a magical line of high fashion dungarees that make sexual fantasies come true! Starring Karen Summers, Bambi Allen, Johnny Nine, Buddy Love and Jeanna Fine. Directed by Drea. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Dressed To Thrill (DVD)
SKU: 9049899524
They're beautiful, horny, provocative, and burning with lust. Dressed to Thrill sizzles with raw imagery and insatiable appeal! A frenzy of oral delights in decadent locales. See Alex Dane give the best blowjob of her life and Taylor Moore gets double-dipped like you've never seen. Come wear the magic! Starring: Alex Dane, Ben Wah, Jordan, Jessica, J.J. Michaels, Kyle Stone, Suzi Q, Taylor Moore. A Caballero Release
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Dripping Wet! Classic Girls Soak Down (DVD)
SKU: 9665658328
Grab a raincoat or a towel because somebody is getting wet. Starring: Annette Haven, Darby Lloyd Raines, Desiree Cousteau, John Holmes, Juliet Anderson, Lacy Rose, Lisa Deleeuw, Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio. A Western Visuals Release.
Price: $23.88
On Sale! $17.91
Eaten Alive (DVD)
SKU: 2832005429
In a bar called "Pink Paradise", four couples will have their lives changed forever. Min (Tracy Adams) and Bill (Ron Jeremy) were flying to a sex clinic but a delay sends them into a bar where they meet the strange Mr. Pink (Michael Knight). He makes the unhappy couple an astounding offer - one year of incredible sex by just drinking his special "Pink Drink." However, they must show up next year for a refill. Min and Bill accept the drinks and are instantly turned into sex-hungry machines. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $14.91
Ebony & Ivory Fantasies (DVD)
SKU: 0573090855
Amber Lynn, Kevin James and Angel Kelly dream up the naughtiest tales of sugar & spice in Ebony and Ivory Fantasies. Arousingly erotic interracial encounters set in the Old West, in a bar, and aboard a train are just some of the highlights in this video of black and white delights! Starring: Amber Lynn, Randy West, Steve Drake, Steve Powers, Francois Papillon, Jeannie Pepper, Angel Kelly, Kevin James, Candy Evans, Mauvais De Noire, Amy White, Paul Marlon. Directed by: Rastus J. Washington. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Ebony Ayes Triple Feature (DVD)
SKU: 2730612059
Contains three classic XXX features. GIRLS OF DOUBLE D. Ebony Ayes, Le Dawn, Lotta, Topp, Buffy Davis, Scarlet Windsor. GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY. Ebony Ayes. Hot interracial themed feature stars massive titted Ebony in multiple scenes! THE RISING. Ebony Ayes, Keisha, Bionca, Peter North. A sance triggers erotic fantasies in a group of sexy swingers exploring the occult! Starring: Buffy Davis, Ebony Ayes, Keisha Bionca, LeDawn Lotta, Scarlet Windsor, Topp. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Ebony Dreams (DVD)
SKU: 0558900002
Your Ebony Dreams will come true in this torrid fantasy starring all the top black actresses in erotica today! Soul sisters Jeannie Pepper and Angel Kelly give Ron Jeremy a blacklode of sticky delights while Purple Passion struts her stuff with a horny businessman. Sizzling Sahara has two hot encounters - one with a quarterback stud and another, Billy Dee drowns in an intoxicating passion of gorgeous Shari Stewart. Plus there's many more sordid sephia Shenanigans in this carnal confection of delicious chocolate delights. Starring Angel Kelly, Sahara, Purple Passion, Jeannie Pepper, Shari Stewart and Ron Jeremy. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Ebony Eyes Collection (DVD)
SKU: 2730611424A
A black hard body with huge big nippled tits and a jiggly ass, Ebony Ayes was a sight for sore eyes in the 80's porn sea of short haired white girls in leotards. See luscious Ebony strap on studs both black and white, work her erect clit to a feverish climax, and enjoy unhinged sensuality in full-on orgies. Also features big tit Goddess Keisha! Starring: Ebony Ayes, Keisha. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Ecstasy Girls Two (DVD)
SKU: 0558950067
In this horny sequel, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie and Paul Thomas are hired to find a runaway heiress who holds the key to a rich inheritance. Ah, but what bevy of beauties, these men have to plough to find the girl! Featuring tempestuous Joanna Storm, seductive Kristara Barrington, explosive Stacey Donovan, tantalizing Tish Ambrose, and even special guest star Veronica Hart... Starring: Jamie Gillis, Veronica Hart, Joanna Storm, Bionca, Heather Wayne, Kristara Barrington, Tish Ambrose, Troy Tanier, Stacey Donovan, Kari Fox, Francois, Frank Hollowell, Sonya Rain, Paul Thomas, John Leslie. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Ecstasy Girls, The (DVD)
SKU: 9049893703
...a constant turn-on. The sex is always hot, with the performers exuberant and excited about making love. Starring Georgina Spelvin, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, Leslie Bovee, Laurien Dominique, Stacy Evans, Nancy Suiter, Paul Thomas, John Leslie and Jamie Gillis.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Ecstasy In Blue (DVD)
SKU: 2832005889
This film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that really is a pleasure to watch. Manny, (Marc Stevens, who is famous for his 10 1/2 inch rod), is the leader of his own cult of women who worship his giant cock. He is an eccentric and depraved man in search of ecstasy. His assistant Charly (Bobby Astyr), must find acolytes for him and his magnificent tool. He has little difficulty. There is a throbbing pace and so much penetrating inside this film that it will blow your mind to ecstasy! Starring: Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr, C.J. Laing, Crystal Sync, Eric Edwards, Jeffrey Hurst, Marc Stevens, Terri Hall. A Video X Pix Release
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $14.91
Educating Tricia (DVD) Caballero
SKU: 05730905003
One of the more prominent fantasies of erudite males is making love to beautiful women who are clad only in leather underwear - to stimulate the innocence of childhood (did I miss something?). Realizing this. Vincent creates a club in which members can live out these fantasies with women, with the cooperation of their husbands, or guardians, who are then led into lives of uninhibited sex and cooking. Starring: Christina, Gabrielle Pontello, Elisa Bure, Claude Loir, Cathy Greiner, Nicole Segaud, Hubert Geral, Freance Guinet, Alain Plumet, Odette Burel. Directed by: Lasse Braun. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Education of the Baroness (DVD)
SKU: 0558900509
She's learning to love it! What would you do if you could trade places with a real Baron and Baroness? Starring Albar, Aude Lecoeur, Brigitte Lahaye, John Gatto, Mary De Grjs, Robert Lourge and Susan Delojr.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erica Boyer Non Stop (DVD)
SKU: 0573090860
We’ve unleashed the ultimate slut goddess of erotica in all her undaunted, unbridled passion for you-Erica Boyer. NO other XXX actress has, for the last decade, soaked our shorts more with her riveting sex-hungry performances. Here we present Erica along with her mighty co-stars in 90 explosive minutes that will have you mesmerized by the one woman that all XXX starlets are copied from Erica Boyer! Her name means SEX! Starring Erica Boyer, Porsche Lynn, Keli Richards, Sharon Mitchell, Francois Pappilion, Kevin Jay, Sharon Kane, Stephanie Rage, Herschel Savage, Blondie, Tish Ambrose and Purple Passion. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erica Boyer Screws the Stars (DVD)
SKU: 0558991526
Watch the stars doing each other! Non-stop star studded action! A unique collection never assembled before! Every scene a hit, every scene a classic! For those nostalgic for a slice of smut from the much-lauded Golden Age of Porn, this is a wonderful title for your erotic perusal! Starring: Erica Boyer, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Kevin James, Jon Martin. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erica Boyer's Porn Players (DVD)
SKU: 9665658272
Get into this classic XXX from the 1980's with these wild and horny porn players, led by Erica Boyer. Find out what makes them so great and so "classic." Starring: Erica Boyer. A Western Visuals DVD.
Price: $23.88
On Sale! $17.91
Erotic Adventures Of Dickman & Throbbin, The (DVD)
SKU: 9665658116
John Holmes is Dickman and Tom Byron is Throbbin. Together they are a duo of superheroes known as Sexcorcists that turn frigid women into sex-craving whores. This film is all about campy, corny fun just like the old "Batman" TV show. This is a true parody from the 80's Starring: Amber Lynn, Tom Byron, John Holmes. A Western Visuals Release.
Price: $23.88
On Sale! $17.91
Erotic Cartoon Festival (DVD)
SKU: 2730611833
The animated adventures of Super Screw, Little Annie Fanny, Schwanzie and Gretel, and more are all here in this historic collection of XXX Shorts. Hilarious, sexy, and perverted, these films often push the boundries of good taste even further then their live action counterparts! From dirty comic books come to life to perverted parodies of famous cartoons, nothing is sacred in this twisted trip through the horny minds of talented underground animators. Includes bonus trailers. Starring: Linda York as Francine The Funnies Freak, Zelda as Mother and Cartoon Stars and Starlets from around the world. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Erotic Interlude (DVD)
SKU: 0558906201
It's an Erotic Interlude where one man's woman is another man's pleasure. Starring Swedish Erotica superstars Seka and Aunt Peg in the most provocative movie ever made! What starts out as an innocent camping trip between 3 sexually active studs turn into a steamy, sex-packed bonanza! Besides the lovely Seka and sassy Aunt Peg, there's a variety of enough lusty ladies to spice up anyone's life! So start on this trip with us, and you'll never feel the same way about Erotic Interludes again! Starring: Aunt Peg, Seka, Bridgette Monet. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erotic Pleasures (DVD)
SKU: 0558904601
The women of France are lovely, luscious and oh, so lascivious." Starring: Rene Douglas, Chris Martin, Marilyn Quille. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erotic Television Video (DVD)
SKU: 0573090928
It's got the beat with the heat! ETV - Erotic Television where the torrid tunes never stop! Delectable Delia Moore is your veejay with the horniest hits in the land. Your ears (and eyes) will burn when Alicia Monet and Keisha perform "Strap On Love." For heavy-leather fans, there's "Whipping the Alter Boy." Plus sizzling Samantha Strong hits all the notes in "Torn Between Two Scrotoms." Starring: Peter North, Keisha, Samantha Strong, Mike Horner, Alicia Monet, Alexis Parks, Miya Summers. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erotic World of Angel Cash (DVD)
SKU: 2832005199
Take the graceful, sensual world of classical ballet. Spice it with the outrageous appetites of a sex-crazed ballerina, and what you have is "The Erotic World of Angel Cash". From the moment angelic Angel pulls on her tights and plunges into her plies, until the ultimate, incredible, orgiastic, finale... Starring David Ambrose, Tish Ambrose, Juliet Anderson, Lisa B., Angel Cash, Danielle, J. Gordon, Bunny Hatton, D. Juravit, Felix Krull, Bill McKean, Ashley Moore, David Morris, George Payne, Bobby Soccie, Miranda Stevens, Joanna Storm, Tamara. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $14.91
Erotic World Of Annie Sprinkle (DVD)
SKU: 2730611428A
Annie Sprinkle was known as a girl who would do it all, a real life sex freak whose films were an extension of her personal path to becoming a Slut Goddess. Her sexual hyper drive certainly came honestly, as with a perfect pair of gargantuan tits, an adorable face, and a pillow bottom ass, she didn't need to try that hard. This collection features loops and scenes which mostly concentrate on Annie as the perfect f*ck, but with enough kink thrown in to satisfy us perverts as well! Starring: Annie Sprinkle. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Erotic Zones Part Two (DVD)
SKU: 0558950004
In the confines of a wax museum, a horny janitor meets his ultimate dream - A Living Doll. The hot, molten action practically melts the building as the cocky custodian fulfills a life long fantasy with his favorite movie star. Then, a Trick Of The Tape provides a playwright with a marvelous power - he has the ability to make his oversexed characters come to life through his more than "user friendly" computer! Starring: Jeannie Pepper, Billy Dee, Tish Ambrose, Greg Ruffner, Nick Random, Auroura, Robin Luttenberger, Paul Thomas, Jerry Butler. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Erotic Zones: The Movie (DVD)
SKU: 0558950061
You're traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of hot sex. A journey into a tantalizing land whose only boundaries are those of the imagination. That's the red light up ahead! Your next stop... Erotic Zones - The Movie. Starring: Jamie Gillis, Honey Wilder, Nikki, Taija Rae, Gina Carrera, Crystal Dawn, Missy X, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Kevin James. A Caballero Classics Release.
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Eurosleaze: Non Stop Spunker (DVD)
SKU: 2730611825
Rare European loops with beautiful women, high production values and vivid color! Sensational Janine- rare 20 min. scene cut from the American release. No Morals- a daughter looks on while her mother is shagged by the plumber and the fucks a male doll. Non Stop Spunker- Super Balls drowns a sun bather in a sea of inexhaustible spunk! Includes many more rare European 1970s shorts, presented here on DVD for the first time! Starring: Beautiful European women from the 70's. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Eurosleaze: Tabu Climax (DVD)
SKU: 2730611816
Colorful, bizarre and extremely sexy loops from the heyday of high quality European sex films. The sensuous sisters Nina and Tina show off their gorgeous bodies in sexy garters before being fucked silly. A cute schoolgirl is fucked, a crippled man has his way with another young girl in Inzest, and much more! 3 bonus Eurosex trailers! Starring: Beautiful European women from the 70's. An Alpha Blue Archives Release.
Price: $29.88
On Sale! $20.00
Every Inch A Lady (DVD)
SKU: 2832005259
Harry Reems and Darby Lloyd Raines are a couple who have built up a thriving business around each's ability to satisfy lovers of the opposite sex. They started out with a plain ol' escort service, but soon found out they could make more cash doing the kinky stuff. So now they specialize in supplying well-paying customers with customized sexual services. Starring: Darby Lloyd Rains ,Andrea True , Erica Eaton ,Kim Pope Directed by: Lem Amero. A Video-X-Pix Classic on DVD
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $14.91
Every Which Way She Can (DVD)
SKU: 0558900902
The wild west was never wilder! Sensual cowgirls set saddles ablaze. Welcome to the wild west. A Caballero release starring Loni Sanders and Serena
Price: $16.88
On Sale! $12.66
Expose Me, Lovely (DVD)
SKU: 2832005399
It takes a hard cop ... to solve a hard case! "A monumental achievement on the hardcore circuit...Porno of a higher order, partially because it suggests what forms such films might take in the future" - Variety The Finest in Adult Entertainment Starring : Jennifer Welles, Annie Sprinkle, Jody Maxwell, Cary Lacy, Ras Kean, Eve Adams, Iminu. A Video X Pix Release
Price: $19.88
On Sale! $14.91
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